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  • Aha’s and Uh-Ohs: Building Great First-Level Leaders

    Developing first-level leaders is a pivotal role in contemporary organizations. The Forum Corporation recently administered a "Voice of the Industry" survey, where respondents forecasted the leadership development priorities of their...

  • Leadership
  • Making Connections: Pearson and Ariel Group Partner to Help Organizations Develop Employee Presence

    Presence is considered an essential quality for leaders, and a lack of presence can take a professional’s leadership development off...

  • Content Development
  • How Gamification is Changing Employee Training

    Gamification is one of those contemporary terms that business owners feel they should understand...

  • 5 Things To Consider When Selecting A Training Provider

    As a former financial services executive, HR leader and now, B2B sales trainer, I’ve been involved with corporate training for the best part of two...

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  • Star Wars Style Leadership: May the Force Be with You

    Despite being set a long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, the problems faced by the Alliance and the Empire are not so different from those we face...

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  • Essential Skills of First-Level Managers at High-Performing Organizations

    What do first-level managers do at high-performing organizations that set them apart from those at low-performing...

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  • From Blah to Aha: Engaging Learners in the Virtual Classroom

    As classroom trainers transition to the online virtual classroom, they often deliver boring lectures with an occasional poll or chat thrown in to mix it up. Learners pushed into the...

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  • The New Normal: Everybody’s a Leader!

    Learning organizations today face the challenging task of developing more people, more quickly, to move the leadership needle even more broadly across the organization. It is no longer enough to...

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  • Developing the Full Potential of E-Learning

    While there are many articles and advice pieces available on the subject of the positives and negatives of e-learning, there is limited information about developing its full...

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