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  • Learning Technologies
  • Why Accessibility Matters and How Innovation Will Drive Progress in L&D

    When it comes to accessibility in e-learning, can we move beyond trepidation and embrace innovation?

  • Coaching
  • Career Lesson from "The Wizard of Oz": If you discover you’re lost, ask for directions from someone you trust.

    The story of Dorothy – and her traveling companions, the Scarecrow, the Tin Woodman and the Cowardly Lion – is the story of all who seek happiness and fulfillment in...

  • The First 90 Days: 5 Suggestions to Help New Hires

    Here are five actions you can take to help retain your employee and let both of you get the most out of his or her new position.

  • News
  • Management Concepts Sells Publishing Division to Berrett-Koehler Publishers

  • Learning Technologies
  • The Future of Online Learning Will Look a Lot Like Amazon

    Think about how online learning would look if Amazon did it. It would become an experience people looked forward to because it is relevant, targeted and it makes their lives...

  • Leadership
  • Time to Rethink Managerial Training: Collaboration and Diversity Require Different Managerial Skills

    Given that managers play such a pivotal role in creating the inclusive culture needed for successful collaboration, how can we train managers to develop collaborative and inclusive teams?

  • Sales, Coaching
  • Coaching Matters in Sales

    No matter your coaching style, creating a bond with your sales reps through a genuine interest in their success adds value to any relationship, including those the rep has with...

  • Professional Education
  • Are Training Managers Focusing on the Right Things?

    Training managers are pivotal to training organization success. But what does the training manager role entail, and where should training managers focus their attention?

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  • Training Industry Announces the 2017 Top 20 Online Learning Library Companies List

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