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  • Outsourcing
  • Transformation Comes Through Process Excellence

    The first in this year’s blog series on training outsourcing dealt with the idea that there’s a growing need for corporate executives to find a training supplier that has the...

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  • TrainingIndustry.com Announces Top 20 Sales Training Companies List

  • webinars
  • Leveraging YouTube for Technical Training to Expand Reach

    Technical training organizations inside IT companies are often run as profit and loss businesses with the goal of contributing to the company’s bottom line. But what happens when the group...

  • IT Training
  • 10 Innovative Sites That Help IT Professionals Develop Their Careers

    There is no shortage of online education opportunities available. Some are truly revolutionizing the educational model and others are closer to paid-training...

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  • IMC Wins E-Learning Award 2015 in the Category “Conception”

  • News
  • IMC is Awarded Microsoft Silver Cloud Platform Competency

  • webinars
  • Making Training Stick: Engagement through Gamification

    Game-based learning is all the rage these days. Training managers need to better understand how gamification drives engagement and how it can positively impact reinforcement and retention. Techniques such as...

  • Content Development
  • Driving Behavior Change

    What drives behavior change? Is it the ample opportunities to practice the desired behavior? Is it the well-designed training program or the consistent support of the...

  • Workforce Development
  • Training U.S. Army Soldiers to be GM Technicians

    The nation has seen nearly 150,000 active military personnel leave active service each year as the number of U.S. servicemen and women returning home from places such as Iraq and...

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