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  • TrainingIndustry.com Announces Top 20 Content Development Companies List

  • Sales
  • Vendor Selection Tips for Corporate Sales Training

    Sales performance improvement and leadership development are two of the fastest growing segments for sourcing training from the supply side of the...

  • Workforce Development
  • Assessing Learning Mastery and Providing Learner Feedback

    For corporate trainers who deliver instruction in a group setting, it has always been a challenge to gauge learning mastery in real time and generate relevant learner feedback. Instructors traditionally...

  • Sales
  • White Paper: Maximize Your Sales Training Budget

    This white paper from InfoPro Learning identifies four categories companies are investing in sales...

  • Leadership
  • I’m a New Manager, Now What?

    Newly promoted managers, whether they are sales managers, operations managers or technical managers, often come to the job with the same question: I’m a new manager! Now what do I...

  • Coaching
  • 7 Tips for Managing Up

    Do you have trouble with authority? You don’t need to be a rebel to feel like you don’t connect well with your boss. There is often an unconscious bias at...

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  • Making Online Presentations Memorable

    Be unforgettable. Join us for this complimentary, one-hour TrainingIndustry.com webinar, sponsored by GoToTraining. Hear Matt Abrahams, Stanford University educator and coach, share practical, research-backed techniques to confidently deliver compelling, authentic...

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  • Gamification of Sales Training: Transforming Resistant Attendees into Willing Contributors

    Companies have traditionally incorporated some level of gamification into their sales training programs. Role playing, for instance, is a commonly used form of gamification. However, today's participants expect more from...

  • Content Development
  • Where Have All the Archetypes Gone?

    In our elevator pitch world where memes have replaced literature, three-minute videos replaced movies, and stories are reduced to bullet points, have we discarded one of the most valuable tools...

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