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  • Microlearning Techniques: It’s Time to Modernize Training.

    Technology is changing how learners find and consume content. With platforms like Lynda.com and YouTube, people can find specific, bite-sized answers and solutions without stopping their projects. According to the...

  • Workforce Development
  • The Disappearing Act: Why Millennials Leave Companies - And How L&D Can Entice Them to Stay

    Sixty percent of millennials leave their company in fewer than three years. Now that millennials have surpassed GenXers as the largest generation in the U.S. workforce, it’s more important than...

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  • 3 Reasons You Aren’t Meeting the Needs of the Modern Learner

    There's a lot of talk lately in the market about millennials and the modern learner. One of the trends is the push toward informal learning and trying to achieve the...

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  • Bringing the Newbie Onboard

    A new job brings with it opportunities and challenges. However, the biggest challenge shouldn’t be trying to "figure it out" the first few days, weeks and...

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  • How to Apply Social Learning Theory for Effective E-Learning

    We are social creatures by nature. We like to interact, share ideas and observe others. In fact, unless you’re a Himalayan yogi, long-term social isolation can have negative mental...

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  • The Technical Manager Dilemma: How to Grow Leadership Capability

    Engineering and technology firms have a recurring problem. Their best technical employees, who will naturally move into management or leadership positions, are not natural managers or leaders...

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  • A Blueprint to Building Better Training Programs

    How do you engage your employees and deliver training that sticks? You need a proven process - the Course Development Methodology (CDM). The CDM integrates effective training techniques to help...

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  • CrossKnowledge Partners with Junior Achievement USA to Support Future Entrepreneurs

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  • The Three Value Conversations

    According to analyst firm SiriusDecisions, 71 percent of executive buyers believe the most important factor in hitting your revenue targets is your reps' ability to articulate value. In your customer...

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