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  • Professional Education
  • Developing Effective Innovation Trainers

    Exceptional innovation trainers can propel an organization toward breakthrough innovations. They teach teams how to culture-shift, push beyond creative blocks, and streamline the innovation process. The best ones are also...

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  • Logical Operations Buys Accent

  • Learning Technologies
  • How the Digital Skills Gap Is Killing Productivity and What You Can Do About It

    New technologies have the potential to transform productivity in the workplace. But, this potential will remain unrealized unless we empower the workforce with the digital skills necessary to take...

  • Leadership
  • Five Common Excuses Leaders Give for Avoiding Important Conversations

    Over the decades I have been teaching leadership classes and coaching leaders, there are five excuses leaders use for not initiating conversations with their employees...

  • Outsourcing
  • Replacing the Employee Performance Review via Gamification

    Traditional employee performance reviews, full of hindsight assessments and assumptions, are often a waste of time. The secret to extracting productive performance metrics is to engage employees and conducting reviews...

  • Sales
  • The Five Biggest Mistakes New Sales Managers Make

    The transition from salesperson to sales manager is one of the biggest challenges in the sales profession. It requires a complete change in thinking. Overnight, you go from being in...

  • Sales
  • How Long Should One Cling to the Current Sales Process?

    Whenever a salesperson or sales leader asks this question, it sends up a red flag that something might be...

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  • The Brooks Group Welcomes New Director of Marketing

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  • Cornerstone OnDemand’s Foundation Providing Training to 30,000 Humanitarian Aid Workers

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