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  • Leadership
  • 3 Reasons Your Leadership Development Program May Be Failing

    Despite our recognition of the importance of building leadership competencies and willingness to invest in leadership development, we are not making much progress.

  • Content Development
  • The Actors in Training Development: Author

    The author is at the core of the content development process. He or she takes the input from the SMEs and the coaching from the learning designer and makes it...

  • Sales
  • Why Sales Training Fails: Ignoring Mindset

    Sales training is usually essential to salesperson success. Ineffective training makes a bad situation – salesperson turnover – even worse. Yet, many companies obtain little or no ROI from sales...

  • Article
  • What Will the Future of the Talent Development Industry Look Like? Part 4: The New Learning Experience

    We have presented how the new learner, new workplace and new technology will require changes in the way we deliver learning. So, how will the learning experience itself change to...

  • Learning Technologies
  • Augmented Reality: The Future of Job Training

    In 2017, we (somewhat disappointingly) do not have flying cars or holodecks, but we do have a futuristic way to conduct job training: augmented reality (AR).

  • Leadership
  • To Facilitate or Not to Facilitate: 3 Factors That Call for a Prescriptive Approach to Executive Coaching

    There are three factors to help determine whether to cross the threshold from facilitation to directive coaching: urgency, emotion and enlightenment.

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  • Global Knowledge acquires ctc TrainCanada

  • News
  • Training Industry Announces the 2017 Top 20 Training Delivery Companies List

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  • Weber Associates and Braveheart Sales Performance Create SalesAdvantage

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