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  • Content Development
  • Developing Exceptional Content

    No one could argue that the most important driver for a great training experience is exceptional content design and development. Exceptional training does not come through happenstance, but from well...

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  • NIIT to Provide Technical Training for Women in Bahrain

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  • How Great Leaders Drive Results via Engagement and Accountability

    Sixty one percent of respondents from a recent survey focused on employee engagement and accountability reported that they were accountable, but only 35 percent of those same respondents felt that...

  • News
  • Koenig Forays into U.S. Market with its IT Training Solutions

  • Research
  • Developing Courage in the Workplace

    Organizations rely on employees to display courage when completing job tasks and interacting with customers, team members and subordinates. Courage plays a pivotal role in ensuring company representatives accurately reflect...

  • Leadership
  • A Leader’s Lifestyle Part 4

    This final installment on the success factors to effective leadership speaks to professional transformation. Once you have balanced yourself physiologically, having then planned for the interpersonal impact you desire, it’s...

  • webinars
  • Learning Content Strategies in the Age of YouTube and Facebook

    Content is King. Without effective, interesting and engaging content your employee learning and training efforts will never succeed. In this highly connected world, traditional approaches to employee learning will not...

  • Learning Technologies
  • How the Digital Skills Gap Is Killing Productivity and What You Can Do About It

    New technologies have the potential to transform productivity in the workplace. But, this potential will remain unrealized unless we empower the workforce with the digital skills necessary to take...

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  • Maximizing Your Sales Coaching Investment

    Research shows that effective sales coaching can dramatically improve the performance of sales teams – in some cases driving up revenues by 20 percent or more. But all too often,...

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