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As a business, creates a trusted and thought-provoking environment for business and educational professionals to interact and gather information about the training industry.

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We invite you to visit the entire website. Along with our resources, we also facilitate the exchange of information. Our members can submit training related articles, case studies, white papers, participate in research studies, and more. makes the information busy professionals are looking for easy to find. Organized by industry-specific Learning Communities, you can stay abreast of the latest happenings, understand how to better manage training expenditures and much more.

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Time is money. understands you don't have all day to surf the Internet for knowledge, and that you need a credible source for that knowledge. We are a one-stop resource for finding what you need, presented clearly in a variety of formats.

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Are you looking to outsource a training need? Identify potential training partners here. Review company bios, complete with links to their websites and training materials produced.

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At, it's our business to know what makes a great training company.

  • Our Top 20 and Watch Lists are released annually, one per Learning Community
  • Based on extensive research and analysis of hundreds of learning organizations

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  • Our Webinars feature top industry speakers and thought leaders. Learn new tips, tricks, resources and solutions designed to help your company advance and improve.
  • Our Conferences provide attendees with insights into the latest trends, emerging technologies, and best-in-class solutions in the training industry.
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Industry Blog has worked to bring top industry subject matter experts together in one place to experience the “best of the best.” Our bloggers are focused on providing useful information and unique insight surrounding today’s challenges and success stories.

Careers has partnered with to help our members search for jobs, find help in updating resumes, receive interview tips, and more. Career Opportunities by Category is a popular feature of this free service.

Training Industry Publications would not be complete without our award-winning Training Industry Magazine. We are the training industry's only peer-planned and peer-reviewed magazine, covering topics critical to training success. Subscriptions are free for members and non-members.


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“Training Industry was a great resource as our organization started the RFI process. Not only did Training Industry provide supplier referrals, they also shared training models and tools they developed to assist buy-side companies.  Their referral services, professionalism and expertise are unparalleled in the training industry.”

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