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  • Improvisation and Humor Drive Sales Training Effectiveness

    Every seller has been there. It’s the meeting with eight stakeholders, no one’s on the same page, and half the group is glancing not-so-furtively at their phones. Perhaps it’s the...

  • Content Development
  • Training Tools and Techniques for a New Generation of Learners

    Experienced instructors who regularly interact with younger learners quickly notice that today’s generation of students tends to be more visual and interactive. Millennials are not only the largest generational cohort...

  • Leadership
  • Driving Employee Engagement through Leadership

    There are multiple drivers of employee engagement, from pride in working for the company to having a voice in the way things operate. However, the impact of the relationship with...

  • Workforce Development
  • Big Data for the Learning Age

    Today’s workplace is experiencing a serious skills gap that experts are predicting will only worsen. The combination of veteran workers retiring and new workers entering the workforce unprepared has organizations...

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  • Finally, a Buzzword Worth Talking About!

    We know most companies think they’re delivering insights to help them win deals, but what actually constitutes a powerful insight? And what types of insights are most effective at differentiating...

  • Leadership
  • Mitigating Risk: Developing a High Consequence Training Strategy

    Organizations deal with business risks every day that can lead to adverse effects on their employees, customers and assets. Effective training can turn risk into a competitive advantage...

  • Learning Technologies
  • Benefits to Applying Virtual Instructor-Led Training

    There are several factors motivating the transition from classroom instructor-led training (ILT) to virtual instructor-led training (VILT). While VILT has increased in familiarity and respectability, the classroom environment remains the...

  • Sales
  • What is Sales Culture?

    For any company, the most important thing is generating revenue. Everything you do is ultimately in pursuit of that goal. So, since sales is the thing that generates revenue for...

  • Sales
  • Why Do Your Customers Choose You?

    85 percent of companies surveyed by Corporate Visions agree their sales teams’ ability to articulate value messages is one of the most critical factors in closing deals, yet only about...

  • Content Development
  • Gamification and Engagement Improve EMS Training

    When disaster strikes, Emergency Medical Services (EMS) technicians can be the difference between life and death. EMS professionals and volunteers alike undergo extensive training to ensure they’re up to the...

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