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  • Professional Education
  • Keep it Consistent: The Importance of Properly Training the Trainers

    How can organizations be sure the training their staff receives is at the level they need to see a return on their investment?

  • E-Learning
  • New Hire E-Orientation

    Advances in technology have led training departments to rethink how to effectively deliver new hire orientation. Many have adopted a blended learning approach.

  • Article
  • A Government Incentives Cheat Sheet

    Government incentives at the state, county and local levels include training grants to help businesses achieve success. But who exactly do they benefit, and what makes them important?

  • Content Development
  • From Print to Digital: What Training Content Should We Deliver Digitally?

    Recent research suggests that effective companies are likely to use a mix of print and digital training materials. But how can organizations determine which content to convert?

  • Leadership
  • 5 Skills Co-Creative Leaders Need to Know

    Many leaders struggle to participate in the discussion while keeping their teams involved and engaged. Co-creative leadership is a new leadership style that can help with this problem.

  • Leadership
  • Soft Leadership Training

    Soft leadership is a new relationship-oriented leadership style that effectively blends soft skills with leadership. Emphasizing soft leadership training will help organizations engage employees effectively and retain talent successfully.

  • Content Development
  • Ajzen’s 4 Tips for Successful Behavior Change in Your Organization

    An employee’s desire to change their behavior is influenced by three factors. If you want to change employee behavior, you will need to challenge these factors. Here are some tips...

  • Article
  • Building the Business Case for Investing in Frontline Worker Development

    The Great Training Organization model provides a simple three-question litmus test for learning leaders to help determine if a strategy or solution is strategically aligned to the business.

  • Sales
  • Why Ignoring Sales Training Will Cost You in Overall Revenue

    Most businesses understand the importance of training. However, many still do not measure their ROI, and those that do often use the wrong metrics.

  • Professional Education
  • Business Acumen: 7 Steps to Becoming an L&D All-Star

    Business acumen is important for all employees, from the front line all the way to the corner office, but i’s especially important for HR and training leaders.

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