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  • Content Development
  • Anatomy of a Trend: Going Beyond Trendiness

    Trends can help training programs stay relevant, but you must choose wisely. Choose trends that provide strategic impact and deliver training that positively impacts both your learners and your company

  • Leadership
  • 7 Ways Leadership Programs Improve Employee Retention

    You can improve employee retention by providing better leadership education. Here's how.

  • Sales
  • Are Your Salespeople Trusted Advisers? 3 Questions to Ask

    Most customers don’t trust salespeople or see them as trusted advisers. Salespeople can solve this problem by asking themselves three key questions.

  • Sales
  • Are You Driving Without a Destination? Identifying Objectives for Successful Sales Training

    The one question you must be able to answer to communicate to your vendor, to your management team and to your sales force is: What do you want your representatives...

  • Leadership
  • Collaboration Improves Business Outcomes

    Creating a collaborative environment takes a conscious effort, and it impacts the organization’s success. This effort has a concrete and measurable impact.

  • Sales
  • The Putting Problem: Why Executives Don’t Invest in Sales Training

    If the outcome isn’t defined and measured, the “how” doesn’t matter. When the destination is clearly defined, the need to work on the skills becomes apparent to all.

  • Professional Education
  • Learning Leaders as Strategic Business Partners

    The training organization is a key business area that must be led strategically by innovative executives. CLOs and training managers must lead the change.

  • Leadership
  • 7 Reasons Your Managers Are Terrible Coaches

    One in two U.S. employees leave their jobs to get away from a bad manager. There are a lot of not-so-great leaders who lack the communication, interpersonal skills and emotional...

  • Article
  • How Do You Measure the Value of a Great Onboarding Program?

    Thoughtful, personalized, 360-degree job training with an emphasis on human connection and company culture can significantly impact your business bottom line.

  • Sales
  • How to Double Your Sales Force Motivation

    Too many organizations focus on motivation directly. This method doesn’t work as well as simply driving value for customers.

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