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  • Leadership
  • 5 Hidden Gems Employees Bring Back to the Workplace by Mentoring

    Professionals and their employers can experience five main benefits from implementing a project-based, classroom mentoring program.

  • Article
  • L&D and the Employee Experience

    Organizations must coordinate three elements of the employee experience into a cohesive system that engages employees, adheres to the company’s values and propels the organization forward.

  • Learning Technologies
  • The Impact of Cognitive Computing on Talent Development

    Cognitive systems learn at scale, understand, reason with purpose and can interact with us in ways that feel more natural.

  • Professional Education
  • 5 Steps to Include Certifications in Training Programs

    Certifications allow you to attract top talent while giving current employees the opportunity to expand their skills and learn.

  • IT Training
  • Developing an IT Workforce for the 4th Industrial Revolution: New Collar Jobs and Alternative Education

    It will take a new, more flexible, approach to education and training to meet the demand for "new collar" jobs.

  • Article
  • Redefining the Next Lap of Human Capital: Design Thinking in Learning and Development

    By applying design principles and methodologies to the way employees work, organizations can boost employees’ satisfaction and productivity and achieve desired business outcomes.

  • Leadership
  • Building a Leadership Pipeline: The Leadership Gap and How to Fill It

    While there are plenty of millennials moving into and upward in organizations, research shows that they’re not developing leadership skills at the rate needed to replace retiring leaders.

  • E-Learning
  • 5 Common Traps That Snare the Unwary E-Learning Content Writer

    It’s difficult to achieve that perfect balance between including all of the content the learner should know and not overloading them with information.

  • Article
  • Understanding the Brain and How Learning Shapes it

    Neuroscientists have developed a lot of theories on how people learn and the many factors that influence learning.

  • Professional Education
  • There’s a Data Analyst on the L&D Team?

    There’s a new breed of L&D talent using data and analytics to answer questions about learning’s impact on business results and employee performance.

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