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  • Sales
  • Coaching the Coaches: How This Data Can Help

    The job of the first-line sales manager can be chaotic and reactive. Moving from meetings to conference calls to customer visits, even the best sales leaders struggle to balance their...

  • Learning Technologies
  • Virtual Learning for Dummies

    Explore the benefits of implementing a virtual learning solution with the Virtual Learning For Dummies eBook. This eBook will help you quickly learn the WHY and HOW of virtual...

  • Outsourcing
  • Training and the Employee Lifecycle: Knowledge Capture and Transfer

    For the last in a three-part series on the training lifecycle (pre-employment development, onboarding, knowledge capture and knowledge transfer), this research brief by Raytheon Professional Services, LLC, and Training Industry,...

  • Workforce Development
  • Three Ways to Communicate and Connect with Executives

    Why are executives so fiercely protective of their time? It’s because they have so little of it. If you’re persistent and persuasive enough to be able to secure a CXO’s...

  • Leadership
  • Not Another Training Session!

    Training is a critical investment that contributes to the growth of an organization and its employees. But do employees always embrace an opportunity to refine their skills and increase their...

  • Learning Technologies
  • Seven Key Things Users Like and Dislike About E-Learning

    When e-learning was first introduced a few years ago, the fear was that teachers and trainers would be replaced by robots. This of course hasn't happened and users are beginning...

  • Sales
  • How Five Basic Skills Will Determine How Much You Sell

    You can’t teach personality, but you can teach skills. What’s more, you can measure skills and you can measure the degree to which they improve. Selling, of course, involves a...

  • Content Development
  • Don’t Skip the Post-Project Review

    A hefty project workload can be exhausting, so when a project comes to an end, it can be tempting to quickly close the books the second sign-off is received on...

  • Learning Technologies
  • How SharePoint Adds Hidden Value to Talent Development and For Less Money

    There seems to be a new buzzword in the training industry — from gamification and mobile learning to HTML5 and MOOCs. One key word that has gained a firm foothold...

  • Leadership
  • Negotiate With Management and Learners for Better Outcomes

    Sometimes you can feel pressure from the C-suite and the employees to ensure that every training initiative delivers meaningful results at a reasonable cost. But you can’t just cave to...

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