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  • Workforce Development
  • How Career Development Training is the Catalyst for Increased Employee Retention

    One of the keys to a successful business is retaining top talent that you’ve trained and help developed over the months and years. You may think your current employee retention...

  • Content Development
  • 3 Steps to Transition to Blended Learning

    Blended learning includes a strategic mix of online and face-to-face experiences. It can reduce your training costs, help you reach a wider audience, and more importantly, learners love the collaboration...

  • Sales
  • Your Leadership Brand: Standing Out in the Sales Field

    A day-in-the-life of a sales pro is consumed with making calls, generating and nurturing leads, developing and delivering proposals, negotiating offers, and of course closing...

  • Content Development
  • Introducing Path Analysis as a Tool for Modeling and Quantifying Impact of Training Theories, Part III- Path Analysis and Reduced Form Models

    This is the third article in a series introducing Path Analysis as a tool for developing macro-level models of training impact. The first article introduces the path analysis framework for...

  • Leadership
  • 2 Levels of Success in Business Communication

    As a leader, you expect the people you work with to communicate effectively and efficiently. Too often, they don’t. Meetings waste time. Presentations fail to persuade and sometimes seem pointless...

  • Workforce Development
  • The Good, Bad and Ugly of Employee Training

    Organizations depend on adequately trained employees to keep them competitive and profitable. Training helps workers acquire the behaviors, skills, abilities, and knowledge they need to do their job and prepare...

  • E-Learning
  • How Does E-Commerce Integrate With Online Training?

    Online training is beneficial when learners are dispersed geographically or otherwise cannot easily attend classes in...

  • Sales
  • The High-Impact Sales Manager

    In “The High-Impact Sales Manager,” you’ll learn how to transcend the daily grind and unlock the full potential of your sales...

  • Content Development
  • Taking Learning Beyond Smile Sheets

    Over the last decade or so, HR has seen a significant shift in its positioning. With the emergence of the knowledge economy, the importance of people as a key element...

  • Workforce Development
  • Big Data: Why Measuring Employee Knowledge is Critical for Understanding How to Increase Revenue and Decrease Costs

    Everybody’s talking about big data these days. The popular buzzword has been subject to a variety of interpretations, but no matter how you define it, one thing is certain: To...

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