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  • Leadership
  • Balancing Operations with Inspiration

    Effective leaders have a dual purpose of both managing operations and inspiring employees to achieve their best results. This includes...

  • Content Development
  • Capitalizing on Learning Analytics

    I recently attended a utility-industry human-resources conference on the challenges around the industry’s aging workforce. A corporate HR presenter underlined...

  • Technologies, Mobile Learning
  • Creating Relevant Badges in Gamification

    Whenever clients ask for “gamification,” you can be assured that many instructional designers are thinking, “That’s easy, we just need...

  • Workforce Development
  • Promoting Well-Being at Work

    On average, we spend around 90,000 hours at work over a lifetime, according to this article in Psychology Today. That’s...

  • Certification
  • Why Cut Scores Matter

    News reports about U.S. Air Force Missileers caught cheating on nuclear proficiency exams, first surfaced on Jan. 15. On Sunday...

  • Leadership
  • Now is the Time

    As is the case with an abundance of simple truths in the world of organizational leadership, Tom Peters, co-author of...

  • Coaching
  • Three Must-learn Lessons for Training Teams

    One thing I have noticed is that public relations and marketing professionals are constantly absorbing and responding to new information...

  • Are Millennials and Technology the New PB&J?

    Peanut butter and jelly are notorious counterparts that complement each other beautifully when layered between two slices of bread. Can...

  • Technologies
  • The Need For A New Approach to Measuring Training’s Impact

    Industry leaders appear to be divided about the correct way to address the need for training professionals to communicate the...

  • Certification
  • Certification Design Frameworks

    The design of a certification program’s requirements is usually based on our frame of reference from the industry in which...

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