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  • Best of Training Industry 2013 Findings

    In 2013, Training Industry’s studies focused on a variety of topics, ranging from onboarding and knowledge transfer to the use...

  • Leadership
  • Leadership Shortcuts

    I recently had a conversation with Natalie Marie Peterson, an NSCA Strength & Conditioning Coach and also a Master Situational...

  • Certification
  • What’s Your Certification Program’s Shelf Life?

    I believe that some organizations and companies have gotten into a rut and only require updates to their certifications because...

  • Technologies
  • Focusing on Objectives with Abstraction in Gamification

    Should your learning game be highly realistic or completely abstracted from reality?

  • Leadership
  • From Vicious to Virtuous Cycles

    Most of us have read the statistic that 50 to 85 percent of change initiatives fail. It is often said initiatives...

  • Technologies
  • Personalizing Learning Solutions with Agile User Stories

    Personalized learning is a relatively new term in the training and development world. This approach to teaching and learning only...

  • Coaching
  • Lessons from Duke Coach Mike Krzyzewski

    I was recently asked who inspires me in my career as I participated in a panel discussion. I named two...

  • Certification
  • Is there a Certification Police?

    You may be surprised to know that there is no singular agency dedicated to actively policing certifications. Anyone can create...

  • Leadership
  • Constructive Rabble Rousing

    Project-based learning (PBL) is an approach to K-12 education designed to engage students through solving real-world problems. For example, rather...

  • Technologies
  • Slaying Training Giants Using Agile

    In his best-selling book, “David and Goliath: Underdogs, Misfits, and the Art of Battling Giants”, Malcolm Gladwell puts a new...

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