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  • IT Training, Technologies, Content Development, Mobile Learning
  • Social Media Tools, Gamification Becoming Mainstream

    There is a lot of hype about the viability and advantages of using gaming and social tools to make training...

  • Leadership
  • Living the Zoetic Life

    When you go shopping to select new clothing for a special occasion, do you willingly choose an outfit that is...

  • Leadership
  • Targeting Your Influence, Part 2

    My previous blog outlined the foundational concept of freeing yourself of problem situations, in an effort to better leverage a...

  • Certification
  • Is Partner Certification a Carrot, or a Stick Proposition?

    Do you think of certification requirements for your partners as a carrot, or a stick proposition? Requiring product or service...

  • Leadership
  • Targeting Your Influence, Part 1

    Consider ‘normal’ distribution. It states that in most situations with a population of any real size, we can pretty much...

  • Technologies
  • Agile Isn’t About Tools, But Rather The Culture

    I recently gave a talk about Agile for Training and Development at a local ASTD chapter meeting where several attendees...

  • Leadership
  • The Power of Self-Talk

    Leadership is a high-energy profession. It is full time and requires full service. The path to becoming a leader can...

  • Technologies
  • Learning by Playing Games in Real Life

    Can we enhance game-based learning by playing in real life?

  • Leadership
  • Creating A Positive Epidemic

    An organizational change initiative begins with an idea about improving how work gets done. It could be an idea about...

  • Coaching
  • Zombies to Zealots: Time to Wake Up at Work

    “Ah! Looks like the dance of the living dead!” - Rodney Dangerfield, from the movie, “Caddyshack”.

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