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  • Technologies
  • What Makes a Good Game?

    Routinely in my role as Creative Director at SweetRush, I’m asked, “What makes a good game?”

  • Technologies, Content Development
  • Can We Really Be That Bad at Knowledge Transfer?

    When looking at the fundamental underpinnings of two processes, onboarding and knowledge transfer, both basically involve some form of training...

  • Leadership
  • The Development Path

    My last blog offered a methodology in which we blend knowledge-based activities with structured coaching and action-based assessment.

  • Coaching
  • What's the Fear?

    WTF has a new definition and meaning: “What’s the fear?”

  • Technologies
  • Five Steps Introducing Agile into a Training and Development Environment

    Adopting Agile methodology requires a culture change, and changing a culture is never easy; especially when there’s no template to...

  • Leadership
  • A Process Of Practice

    Most organizations struggle with achieving sustained behavioral change as a result of training.

  • Leadership
  • Taming the Creep

    Scope creep refers to expanding a project while it is in development or even deployment. It is the cumulative effect...

  • Leadership
  • Learning to Love Millennials

    Self-serving, narcissistic, lazy and entitled; these are just a few terms that are used to describe millennials. While they’ve only...

  • Certification
  • What Certification Can Learn From The Khan Academy

    Who knew testing would be all the rage with this generation?

  • Technologies
  • Technology’s Role In Supporting Key Initiatives

    Technology has transformed the way we learn and it’s up to organizations to keep up or risk being left behind...

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