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  • Technologies
  • Frictionless Video Production For Trainers

    In his groundbreaking book “Digital Disruption”, James McQuivey suggests that when companies focus solely on the tools that are currently...

  • Leadership
  • Influence Without Authority

    I have been asked countless times in leadership sessions; ‘How do I get my boss to…?’ They essentially ask, ‘How...

  • Leadership
  • Addressing the Problem, Not Just the Symptoms

    A previous post introduced basic concepts from systems thinking. The concepts were illustrated with one systems archetype (“Fixes that Fail...

  • Certification
  • Certification’s Marriage between Development and Marketing

    Do you think about your certification program as a marriage between development and marketing resources? Developing a solid certification program...

  • Leadership
  • The State of the Moment

    In the training industry, most of us have spent time studying the development of thought around effective leadership. I think...

  • Coaching
  • The Beginner’s Mind

    One of the cool things about my 23-year-old daughter Jessica is that she challenges me to stay open and young...

  • Leadership
  • Stop Fixing People

    Your good intentions can actually be stunting people’s development.

  • Mobile Learning
  • Five Mistakes Trainers Make When Shooting Video With Smart Phones

    The technology that most of us carry in our pockets today provides training professionals with opportunities that they’ve never had...

  • Leadership
  • Rules of Engagement

    You’ve probably heard the term, “rules of engagement” before. It is the name of a television situational comedy and was...

  • Leadership
  • Talent Management: An Emerging Business Strategy

    Many would say that talent management is a mature approach to building and sustaining a strong talent pipeline for companies

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