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  • Leadership
  • Why Instructional Theory Must be Married to New Technology

    There is no shortage of optimism among learning professionals about the positive impact that today's new technologies are having on...

  • Coaching
  • A Resolution You Can Keep

    As the first month of 2013 winds down, most new year's resolutions will start to fall by the wayside. Everyone...

  • Content Development
  • The “Accidental Learner”

    “Incidental learning” is currently a hot topic. It is a method of learning by simply being there. The learner does...

  • Leadership
  • Did You Mean to Kill that Idea?

    My partner, Karl, was telling me about how the new guy at work is finally settling in to his surroundings...

  • Leadership
  • Knowing versus Doing: What Your People Want

    A friend of mine is fond of saying, “What is less important is your understanding of the practice of leadership...

  • Leadership
  • Managing Stakeholder Expectations

    Until the latter part of the last century, “stakeholder” referred exclusively to a person who held the stakes in a...

  • Certification
  • Where Are You in Your Certification Lifecycle

    Where are you in your certification lifecycle? Most product lifecycles depict a product’s introduction, growth, maturity and eventual decline. For...

  • Leadership
  • What Do Your People Want You to Know About Leading Them in the New Normal?

    We’re all now painfully aware of the phrase, “new normal.” You hear it everywhere: ABC News, Fox, NPR, even The...

  • Leadership
  • The #1 Rule for Effective Leadership

    Beyond the Golden and Platinum Rules, in our crazy busy world the one rule everyone should follow above all is...

  • Leadership
  • To Scrum or Not to Scrum: Thoughts on a Different Approach to Instructional Design

    Close your eyes for a second and visualize a relay race. The runners get set in their starting blocks. The...

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