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  • E-Learning
  • Pharmacists Out From Behind the Counter?

    For the second consecutive year, a pharmacist at the local CVS store administered my flu vaccine. The young man was...

  • Leadership
  • Leadership 2.0 and the Constructive Covenant

    In his 1993 book “The Winner Within,” hall of fame basketball coach Pat Riley contributes an entire chapter to what...

  • Content Development
  • Injecting Excitement into Web-Based and Blended Training

    Many organizations have embraced web-based and blended training. The cost of paying instructors, renting training rooms, and the travel costs...

  • Leadership
  • Breaking a Vicious Circle

    Faced with a problem that cannot be ignored, budget and deadline constraints often push well-meaning decision makers toward the fastest...

  • Leadership
  • Who Should You Appoint to Lead a Team?

    Team leaders are responsible for catalyzing and aligning the energy, activities and focus of the team to achieve the common...

  • Content Development
  • Proposing and Implementing Recommendations

    In my last several blogs, I began describing how organizations can better support current business initiatives, increase organizational responsiveness, and...

  • Leadership
  • What Corporate Leaders can Learn from Rappers

    I'm not a fan of rap or rappers. I've got a number of issues with this genre of music, and...

  • Leadership
  • Does Your Personal Brand Align with the Soul of the Organization?

    You should never be told to quiet your voice, limit your creativity or suppress your spirit because, “The Company says...

  • Leadership
  • Building Bench Strength – How Strong Is Yours?

    The following is a guest blog by my colleague, David Spader, which I’ve decided to run at this time because...

  • E-Learning
  • Does Your Walk Match Your Talk?

    A Chief Medical Officer (CMO) from a large hospital asked me to speak with a hospitalist physician who had received...

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