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  • Professional Education
  • The Millennials are Coming, the Millennials are Coming!

    This morning, I read an article in my local newspaper entitled, Adulthood, Sponsored Today by Mom, Dad, and I have...

  • Outsourcing
  • OLD Friend, Innovation and Education

    My dear friend John (aka Snake Oil) took an early retirement. He had spent several illustrious years as a trainer...

  • Technologies
  • Top Jobs for Retrained IT Workers

    It’s official. Jobs are coming back. In a speech given last Friday in Charlotte North Carolina, President Obama made a...

  • Outsourcing
  • 10 Reasons Companies are Outsourcing Training in Today's Market

    The first quarter of 2010 is shaping up to be a growth market for training products and services. I estimate...

  • Technologies
  • Practical Application of 3D Virtual Worlds

    Have you ever wondered what a virtual immersive environment or virtual world could do for your organization?

  • Professional Education
  • It’s Beginning to Feel a Lot Like…Tax Time

    Ahh, tax time, the time of year when even we left-brain thinkers find ourselves overwhelmed with the prospect of all...

  • Outsourcing
  • On the Edge… or Just Edgy?

    As each day ticks by we all wonder when will this economic downturn end and what will that end look...

  • Leadership
  • When & How Innovation Is A Key To Success

    Innovation is often viewed as a "silver bullet" solution by leaders and managers in today’s challenging business environment. However, it...

  • Technologies
  • Add Online Simulations to Your Organization’s Instructional Toolkit

    A well-craft online simulation of a sales call, operating a piece of equipment or troubleshooting a difficult situation can impact...

  • Professional Education
  • It’s Just Not That Easy…

    In response to a reader’s request, my previous blog entry presented an example of the financial analysis that a learning...

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