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  • IT Training
  • How Do We Train IT Professionals for the Mobile World?

    I have already blogged on the fact that the recession is over. Obama said it. So with it officially over...

  • Outsourcing
  • A Need for a Committed In-Depth Understanding

    For the last month I have been in Southeast Asia trying to better understand how regional and supplier selection can...

  • Technologies
  • Three Things to Know about Learning in 3D Environments

    3D virtual immersive environments (VIEs) do not have to be 100% realistic. In fact, take advantage of the fact that...

  • IT Training
  • Windows 7 Starting to Show Life

    WOW…100 million licenses of Windows 7. Now that’s amazing. What is more amazing is the report further goes on to...

  • Leadership
  • Practical Insights From Successful Leaders

    (The following is a guest blog written by Emily Thomas. It provides practical insights that can contribute to our better...

  • Professional Education
  • The Millennials are Coming, the Millennials are Coming!

    This morning, I read an article in my local newspaper entitled, Adulthood, Sponsored Today by Mom, Dad, and I have...

  • Outsourcing
  • OLD Friend, Innovation and Education

    My dear friend John (aka Snake Oil) took an early retirement. He had spent several illustrious years as a trainer...

  • Technologies
  • Top Jobs for Retrained IT Workers

    It’s official. Jobs are coming back. In a speech given last Friday in Charlotte North Carolina, President Obama made a...

  • Outsourcing
  • 10 Reasons Companies are Outsourcing Training in Today's Market

    The first quarter of 2010 is shaping up to be a growth market for training products and services. I estimate...

  • Technologies
  • Practical Application of 3D Virtual Worlds

    Have you ever wondered what a virtual immersive environment or virtual world could do for your organization?

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