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  • Stop Trying to Do Better

    Our obsession with Better is actually impeding us from becoming our Best. We must understand the psychology of performance in...

  • Outsourcing, Technologies
  • How Artificial Intelligence Will Affect the Training Industry

    By this time, many of us have already heard of AI (artificial intelligence). Its applications are countless, and the training...

  • Coaching
  • Rework Your Leadership Language!

    After employees are hired, they listen to leaders to set the tone of the organization and to impart a direction...

  • Leadership
  • 5 Steps to Developing a Successful Mentoring Program

    Developing a mentoring program for your company is a great idea, but unless you master the following key steps, your...

  • Measuring the Effectiveness of Your Training

    Something must be done so that business leaders can find useful and pertinent information about the effectiveness of training programs...

  • Leadership
  • Self-Engagement: A Glad Taking of Responsibility

    Engagement is a two-way street. It’s not just what the organization brings to us but also what we bring to...

  • Training of a Different Type: L&D in Family Businesses

    Over 70 percent of American workers are employed in family businesses. Most are non-family members (NFMs) who rarely receive training...

  • Professional Education
  • The Elevator Pitch for Trainers

    The conversation that began with Kirkpatrick and continues with Phillips takes place at virtually every training conference, is represented as...

  • Leadership
  • Leaders Who Listen and Learn: A Quick Fix to Strengthening Team Development and Growth

    Here are eight things that you can do to support your team in better decision-making, independence and development.

  • IT Training, Technologies
  • Cloud Computing Goes Mainstream: Implications for the IT Security Workforce

    It’s critical to the security posture of the entire organization for IT security personnel to understand and be able to...

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