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  • Workforce Development
  • How Columbus, Indiana Gets It

    If you are interested in how progressive workforce and economic development initiatives can have a real and positive influence on...

  • Leadership
  • Lessons from Spam

    Some interesting email spam recently landed in my inbox...well, interesting for someone involved in change management. The email had dramatic...

  • Technologies
  • What is The Tin Can API? Four ways Tin Can will change the landscape of learning technology

    Some of you may have heard all of the talk about Tin Can this year, others may not. People are...

  • Leadership
  • Developing and Measuring Training the Agile Way: The Early Results

    In August 2012, my team at DTCC Learning (DTCCL) reconfigured our organizational structure and adopted Agile as our approach to...

  • Content Development
  • Introduction and Summary Scripts for Virtual Instruction: Safety in the Manufacturing Industry

    Endings and beginnings are more important than middles. This is particularly true in virtual instruction where you are not physically...

  • Leadership
  • Developing and Measuring Training the Agile Way: The First Sprint

    Imagine that you wanted to lose weight so you decided to start an exercise program. One way to begin could...

  • Certification
  • The Key to Great Tests – A cheaper solution than you may think

    The key to great tests is neither the most advanced implementation methodology nor the latest in cyber security but it’s...

  • Technologies
  • Jumping into New Technology and Possibilities

    There are a lot of reasons to love, and hate, learning technology. I walk the line between those extremes everyday...

  • Leadership
  • Developing and Measuring Training the Agile Way: Creating a Product Backlog

    The first task that must be accomplished in the Agile methodology is to come up with a list of product...


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