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  • Training of a Different Type: L&D in Family Businesses

    Over 70 percent of American workers are employed in family businesses. Most are non-family members (NFMs) who rarely receive training...

  • Professional Education
  • The Elevator Pitch for Trainers

    The conversation that began with Kirkpatrick and continues with Phillips takes place at virtually every training conference, is represented as...

  • Leadership
  • Leaders Who Listen and Learn: A Quick Fix to Strengthening Team Development and Growth

    Here are eight things that you can do to support your team in better decision-making, independence and development.

  • IT Training, Technologies
  • Cloud Computing Goes Mainstream: Implications for the IT Security Workforce

    It’s critical to the security posture of the entire organization for IT security personnel to understand and be able to...

  • Leadership
  • The Importance of Managerial Leaders in the 21st Century

    There is a great need for managerial leaders in this century to lead global organizations.

  • Sales, Coaching
  • CORE Coaching: Building Sales Force Muscle for Lasting Change

    The CORE acronym is a helpful tool to provide coaches and their team members the pathway to Connect, Observe, Review...

  • Professional Education
  • Learning Paths for Financial Professionals: One Firm's Solution

    When creating our paths at Honkamp Krueger & Co., we consider all types of learning opportunities and all learning styles

  • Technologies, Workforce Development
  • Life-or-Death Decisions Demand Disruptive Learning Solutions

    Training must be capable of portraying complex realistic events, recognizing the individual and interpersonal dynamics that affect outcomes, and enabling...

  • Leadership
  • A Leader’s Practice: It’s What You Put In!

    Your leadership practice is made up of your habits, methods, traditions and customs. Your practice is made up of what...


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