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  • How to Appear Both Dazzling and Creative Even If You're Not

    Reading is a source of endless creativity in my life. It exposes me to a lot of different ideas, multitudes...

  • 5 Low-Tech Ways to Get Learning to Stick

    As I look back on my 25-year training career, I’m struck by how often sophisticated methods failed to deliver. When...

  • Leadership
  • Why Leading Less Is Really Leading More

    The greatest dilemma is not merely that people are working longer in their careers; it’s that we are not shifting...

  • E-Learning
  • Getting More Out of Online Training to Drive Real Behavioral Change

    Blended learning melds traditional classroom-based learning with virtual and technology-based learning opportunities. The result is an adaptive, personalized learning experience

  • Coaching
  • How People Experience Working With You Matters

    How people experience working with you contributes directly to your presence and capacity to influence others.

  • Leadership
  • Leading a Team? It’s Time to Turn Your Sheep into Wolves

    Here are some ways to turn a herd of sheep into a mixed team that contains some courageous wolves who...

  • Leadership
  • 3 Actions to Take This Week to Guarantee Your Consistent Brand

    Consistency is a key element of influence. Inconsistency leads to a lack of trust. If people don’t trust you, they...

  • Professional Education
  • The Challenges of Executive Education

    It’s not enough to simply digitalize your offering; new ways of passing on knowledge must be considered, including educational after-sales...

  • Sales
  • 6 Training Reinforcement Tips for Sales Success

    Sales training is designed to teach new techniques and skills, but often, we don’t have a plan for reinforcement. Here...


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