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  • Rework Your Leadership Language!

    After employees are hired, they listen to leaders to set the tone of the organization and to impart a direction...

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  • Rehumanizing Leadership

    Great leaders are lifelong learners and coaches. They set the tone for how people will work together. They visibly learn...

  • Leadership, Coaching
  • Competition: Human Fuel for High Performance

    It was one of those truly remarkable 2016 Olympic moments in Rio. Jamaica’s Usain Bolt, Olympic gold medalist, sprinted across...

  • Leadership, Coaching
  • Coming Full Circle: Beyond Neuroscience and Emotional Intelligence

    If 80% of the global workforce is disengaged, yet $387 billion is spent annually on leadership development, then what in...

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  • March Madness and the 5 Big “F” Words!

    The term “March Madness” signals a season where upsets and big wins are the result of players digging deep to...

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  • Stay Curious Team Leaders and Navigate the Chaos of Change

    How do leaders make meaning and illuminate possibility when they are in the same experience as their teams? Are you...

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  • Team Leader as Coach

    People are typically promoted to leadership roles because they are star performers and demonstrate maturity, loyalty and strong work ethic

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  • What Would I Say if I was Asked to Coach Donald Trump?

    I had a hunch I would coach a President of the United States when I was added to the roster...

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  • Declare Your Independence

    There is a tribal culture in every company. Some companies create hierarchical kingdoms with sovereign leaders, some are more like...

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  • From Breathless to Breathing

    Email, text messaging and conversational apnea is spreading like wildfire. The truth is we are holding our breath before communicating...


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