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A General(s) View of Leadership

  • A General(s) View of Leadership

As a Lieutenant General in the US Army (Ret), I am proud to say I served my country for more than 35 years; 10 of those as a General Officer leading both enlisted and civilian resources. My experiences taught me many lessons; not only from how to deal with life and death scenarios of sending troops into battle, but how to get the highest level of performance from a team that had mission critical attached to everything they did. 

I believe these experiences are also relevant to the corporate training world. Why? Because all leaders deal with similar issues. For example - How do we best lead people into situations where there is a high consequence of failure? 

At the end of the day, it all comes down to effective leadership regardless of the activity.  For those who are responsible for managing the training of people who lead others in these situations, the question we must ask is “How do we prepare them better”?  My blog will deal with questions such as this, as well as lessons of leadership I’ve learned from attending West Point, leading soldiers into combat, and civilians responsible for logistics to support those soldiers; all over my many years of service. 

And in some small way, I hope you will be able to learn something from many of the principles that have been successful for me. Some of the principles I’ll address  include: 

1)     The importance of engaged leadership

2)     Change Management - Focus on opportunities not obstacles

3)     Decision-making - First decide when to decide.

4)     It is OK to be demanding, just don’t be demeaning

5)     Without a strategic plan, you simply have random activity

6)     Effective mentorship is essential

7)     It is imperative to maintain a work-life balance

8)     You must embrace and celebrate diversity.  It is the key to innovation.

9)     You must create an environment where it is OK to have fun. 

I am looking forward to the opportunity to share my thoughts, and to learn from you as well.  And please feel free to provide your comments and feedback. 

About the Author

Rick Lynch

As a Lieutenant General in the United States Army, Rick Lynch commanded the Installation Management Command (IMCOM), responsible for managing all 163 installations in the US Army. Overseeing a $12.3 billion budget and a worldwide workforce of 120,000, IMCOM focused on providing our Soldiers, Families and Civilians with a quality of life commensurate with their quality of service. As with any military action, success of that mission depended on a combination of intelligence, strategy, dedication and collaboration. In this keynote session, GeneralLynch will outline the challenges faced in managing a diverse workforce of soldiers and civilians, helping you learn strategies and approaches to be victorious in any endeavor. You’ll also hear proven methodologies to engage a global workforce to support your organizational objectives and you’ll learn the value of communication, collaboration and commitment to conquer whatever business challenges you face.

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