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  • ej4 Adds Spanish Closed Captioning to Training Courses

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  • Boost Employee Engagement With Adaptive Learning

    When engaged employees care about their work and their company, they want to do the right things on the job. And when they want to do the right things and...

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  • Pandexio Issued 1st Patent on Micro-Learning Objects

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  • Gamification: The Remedy for Common Training Issues

    Gamification has proven to be more than a fleeting trend, as it continues to hold its place as the must-have addition to best-in-class e-learning. Gamification is the application of gaming...

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  • 6 Ways to Improve Learner Retention

    Imagine that you’ve spent more hours developing a training program than you’ve slept in a year. You’ve consulted dozens of award-winning experts, invested in more books than you can count...

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  • Maximize Business Impact through a Business-First Approach to Learning

    Creating content that's aligned with desired business outcomes ensures that training programs meet the demands of a competitive environment while driving business...

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  • Why Social Learning?

    For years, learning programs have relied on an element of social interaction. Learning on one’s own can only go so far. More and more, social demands on your program are...

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  • Keep it Simple: Straightforward Analytical Strategies for Mining Big Learning Data

    Data is now a ubiquitous element of our lives. Voluminous amounts of data are produced across a wide spectrum of industries and applications, collectively referred to as “big data.” Big...

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  • When Training Companies Need to Go Agile in Learning Course Development

    How do instructional designers know it’s high time to turn to agile? The ADDIE model has ruled the e-learning course development field for over 40 years. It’s been the key framework...

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  • Tools for Making Human Resources Compliance Training More Interesting

    Around the United States, employees in HR departments often find themselves providing educational seminars about a variety of workplace provisions and regulations. Compliance training seeks to inspire employee adherence to...

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