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  • Don’t Just Be an Order Taker: Effective Training Needs Assessments

    It can be dangerous to rush in and accept a training request as the correct one before identifying the real causes and needs.

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  • It’s Time to Unleash Unstoppable Learners!

    There is a vast, unfolding field of possibility awaiting if we focus attention on truly unleashing the power of the learners themselves.

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  • Friends in the Workplace: Supporting Social Learning through Friendships and Fun

    Social media may have redefined the word “friend,” but its use in the workplace means that employees can now easily share information with each other.

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  • Real-Time L&D Data Collection: Work Smarter, not Harder

    Real-time data collection in a live or virtual classroom is an easy way to capture facts, figures and statistics in the moment.

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  • What Does “Good” Look Like? The 3 Elements Necessary for a Successful Learning Environment

    The best learning environments include three elements.

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  • ExtensionEngine Selected by Year Up to Develop Blended Learning Offering

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  • 7 STAR Training Icebreakers and Energizers

    These activities will help you engage participants during a training, workshop or team session.

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  • The Inclusive Training Model for Training Retention

    Inclusive training focuses on the three major training stakeholders, trainer, employee and business leader and their roles during the three phases of training retention: pre-training, training and post-training.

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  • The Actors in Training Development: Learning Designers

    A learning designer is someone who uses his or her knowledge of how brains work and how people work to make the learning process easier. Their job is often to...

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  • Ask High-Value Questions to Accelerate Performance Improvement

    Questions are a trainer’s greatest fuel for the learning process. High-value questions have the greatest impact on performance improvement and optimization.

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