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  • Content Development
  • Preparing for the Worst: Strategies for Delivering High Consequence Training

    This article explores how to deliver a high consequence training program to minimize risk and protect the business from costly...

  • Content Development
  • Training the Trainer: How to Create Microlearning

    Microlearning is a way to solve the problems facing educators and trainers of today: dwindling attention spans, knowledge workers with less time, companies’ shrinking budgets, and perhaps most challenging –technology’s...

  • Content Development
  • LCMS vs LMS: What is the Difference?

    Many think learning content management system (LCMS) is just a fancy term for learning management system...

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  • Blackboard and Skillsoft Partner to Deliver Career-Development Content to Professional Learners

  • Content Development
  • What Cooking Can Teach You About Designing Templates

    When it comes to cooking, your approach to it determines your experience of it. It is exciting and daunting. From deciding whether you want an appetizer or an entrée to...

  • Content Development
  • Meeting the Needs of Four Generations of Learners

    In today’s cultural climate, generalizing learners based on gender or ethnicity can be highly controversial. Yet making statements about groups of individuals born within certain years is viewed as necessary...

  • Content Development
  • Online Training ROI: Quantifying E-Learning Success

    Organizations that don’t spend money on training their employees face a hard time keeping up with their competitors. That said, online training has become a common training method for many...

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  • IMC Presents New Features for its Leading E-Learning Products

  • Content Development
  • Simulation: More Than Just an Application Tool

    Research around computer simulation all expounds upon its benefits – it engages learners, makes learning fun, increases retention, solidifies learning and builds skills. Yet, if this is the case, it...

  • Content Development
  • Effective Learning through Online Training

    The challenge of online education is converting teaching into learning. There are two ways you can turn online training into an effective learning experience for your learners: humanize learning and...


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