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  • Introducing Path Analysis as a Tool for Modeling and Quantifying Impact of Training Theories Part II – Creating Path Models

    The first path analysis article introduced the path analysis framework for testing theories of cause and effect relationships, as well as the reduced-form path model as the basis for quantifying...

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  • Increase Engagement with Early Collaboration: The Content Narrative

    Creating effective, engaging corporate training materials is no small challenge for instructional design...

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  • Grovo Raises $40M Series C to Reinvent Workplace Learning & Development

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  • Navigating the Road to Compliance Training

    If you’ve ever been behind the wheel of a car, chances are you’ve come across unexpected roadwork. In order to avoid delays that cost valuable time, it is often necessary...

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  • NFEC Announces Launch of New eVolve E-Learning Personal Finance Education Platform

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  • Maersk to Offer Employees Anytime, Anywhere Learning with Cornerstone OnDemand

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  • Lumosity to Pay $2 Million to Settle FTC Deceptive Advertising Charges for Its “Brain Training” Program

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  • Does Exercising Your Brain Actually Work?

    The concept of cognitive training or “brain training” has been a hot topic in recent years. Designed to improve cognitive abilities such as memory, attention span and concentration, many programs...

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  • Marketing for Training or Training for Marketing: The Chicken and the Egg

    The learning and development department at many companies is out of sync with how people consume...

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  • A Resolution You Can Keep: Use Neuroscience to Ensure Transfer of Learning

    A new year’s resolution is something that goes in one year and out the other. Get it? While there’s no shortage of jokes about people failing on their resolutions by...


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