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  • Advantexe Launches Industry-First Biosimilar Pharmaceutical Business Simulation

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  • LearnUpon Announces Release of Salesforce Integration

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  • Training Employees with Gamification

    Gamification is the practice of integrating training in a way that makes work resemble a game. There are many promising studies that show this tactic helps employees retain knowledge better...

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  • Bridging the Engagement Gap: How Microlearning Brings the World of Customer Experience to Employee Education

    At this year’s DevLearn conference, it seemed like everywhere you looked there was a new cloud-based tool or template to help companies create short videos.

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  • Switch On and Mix Up Blended Learning

    The term blended learning has become widely known, especially in the training industry. There does seem to be some confusion on what blended learning really is. It isn’t just the...

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  • Everything Begins With Content Strategy

    In today’s competitive business environment, improving performance is vital to success, and learning and development’s role in improving performance is increasingly more important.

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  • Relias Learning Acquires RediLearning

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  • Travels in the Microlearning Landscape

    One of the most rewarding parts of my job is getting to meet with clients across the country. It’s the highlight of my year to see the learning and development...

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  • Introducing Path Analysis as a Tool for Modeling and Quantifying Impact of Training Theories, Part I

    Books and articles written on how to measure the impact of training are abundant. There have been many forums and roundtables with training experts advising and guiding on how to...

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  • The Benefit of Bite-Sized Simulations

    It’s no wonder that people get anything done at work given the environment today. Most people report they don’t have time to do any “real” work after they finish with...

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