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  • Content Development
  • Infographic: Why Microlearning
    is the Solution for Employees'
    Shrinking Attention Spans

    We need a new way to solve for society’s shift towards hyper attention and Microlearning is the answer. Small, bite-size lessons solve for dwindling attention spans, while serving learners and...

  • Content Development
  • Bite Size Is the Right Size:
    How Microlearning Shrinks the Skills Gap

    This white paper is designed to educate L&D professionals on the advantages microlearning can offer their organizations and a brief introduction on how to create it.

  • Content Development
  • TI Exclusive

    Making Learning Programs Stick

    It’s common to develop (or buy) a training program with solid learning objectives, a highly creative design, and multiple interactive activities to practice new skills.

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  • Pearson Partners with LPGA to Launch an Online Course to Help Teach Female Golfers

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  • Relias Learning Acquired by Bertelsmann for $540M

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  • Weejee Learning Launches Fast and Affordable Custom Course Design

  • Content Development
  • TI Exclusive

    Flipping the Corporate Learning Model

    It’s often tempting to ask why the traditional corporate training classroom environment hasn’t changed in centuries —a traditional model of students at desks with an expert imparting knowledge (an industry...

  • Content Development
  • Developing Exceptional Content

    No one could argue that the most important driver for a great training experience is exceptional content design and development. Exceptional training does not come through happenstance, but from well...

  • Content Development
  • Design Considerations for Content Delivery

    One constant theme that we encounter through the various research projects we conduct at Training Industry, and the work we have done for “What Makes a Great Training Organization,” is...

  • Content Development
  • Three Reasons Not to Rely on Content-Only Training

    The first few days on the job are vital to employee retention.

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