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  • DuPont Sustainable Solutions Launches New Travel Safety Program

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  • New Study Shows 94 Percent of Employees Fail to Hold Co-Workers Accountable

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  • VitalSmarts Releases Crucial Accountability Training

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  • Video and the Learning Playlist

    Those of us of a certain age remember a time when the only feasible option to purchase an artist’s music was to buy an entire CD.

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  • Totara and OSC Maximize Impact of Workplace Learning

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  • Developing And Measuring Training The Agile Way Revisited

    In August of 2012, I began a series of blog postings about the experience that The DTCC Learning Group had while implementing Agile as a development methodology for training programs...

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  • Creating Content for Performance-Based Coaching

    Coaching is similar to training with a few notable differences.

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  • Cultivating the Independent Learner

    On-the-job and incidental learning are mainstays of how people learn. They are convenient, inexpensive, and can be very effective. Rather than avoiding or ignoring these types of instruction, organizations are...

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    The Benefits of Visual Facilitation in the Classroom

    It is said that a picture is worth a thousand words. This is true in a corporate learning classroom as much as anywhere else.

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  • The “Accidental Learner”

    “Incidental learning” is currently a hot topic. It is a method of learning by simply being there. The learner does not need to travel far or enroll in a virtual...

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