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  • Converting your Classroom Training to Virtual Instruction - Step 3: Developing your Instruction

    With your analysis done and your Virtual Instruction Planning Form and current curriculum assets in hand, you can now begin modifying your face-to-face instructional materials to support virtual training. Here are...

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    Bloom’s Rooms

    In 1956, a committee of educators led by Dr. Benjamin Bloom developed a system to classify learning objectives. Bloom and his committee recognized that not all learning objectives have equal...

  • Content Development
  • Converting your Classroom Training to Virtual Instruction - Step 2: Designing your Instruction

    After you analyze your existing face-to-face training assets and before you begin modifying your materials that you will use for your virtual instruction, you will need to answer a few...

  • Content Development
  • Converting your Classroom Training to Virtual Instruction - Step 1: Analyzing Your Existing Instruction and Your Audience

    If your organization is like most, you have a wealth of classroom courses that you would like to convert to virtual instruction. While this is clearly possible, it does take...

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    Extending Training Outside the Organization

    Maintaining a competitive edge often requires employee training. But training opportunities don’t stop with employees. Extending training to others can bring a range of benefits, from increased revenue and efficiency...

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  • Unveils Top 20 Content Development Companies

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  • To Centralize or Not to Centralize? That is the Question!

    In some companies, Training and content development is accomplished by a centralized function that reports into corporate. In others, these tasks are performed by smaller groups reporting into the individual...

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  • When to Consider Virtual instruction (and When Not To)

    As the author of a book on virtual instruction, “Virtual Presentations that Work” 1, I have an obvious bias. Having said that, though, I am a pragmatist. There are going...

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  • Teaching the Tool Not the Job

    Why do content developers confuse teaching people to analyze business problems or generate meaningful reports with using sophisticated computer applications or new equipment? You can’t just give someone the ingredients...

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  • “First Rate” Content Development Doesn’t Cost. It Pays!

    There is a glut of good people in the job market. Companies feel that they should not have to develop content to train people to do their job. In fact...

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