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  • Content Development
  • Transforming the L&D Function in a Global Enterprise

    Global talent trends have cascading implications for L&D organizations as they determine how to support their businesses on a global scale.

  • Content Development
  • 3 Ways to Foster a Learning Agile Culture

    Just as we can design training efforts to enhance individual learning agility, we can include steps in our training programs to foster a learning agile culture.

  • Content Development
  • Anatomy of a Trend: Going Beyond Trendiness

    Trends can help training programs stay relevant, but you must choose wisely. Choose trends that provide strategic impact and deliver training that positively impacts both your learners and your company

  • Content Development
  • Is it Time to Pull the Plug on Your Talent Management Outputs?

    Many talent, HR and training functions are producing outputs that belong back in the 1980s. Change your inputs, and you change your outcomes.

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  • Peer to Peer Micro-learning and Knowledge Sharing Platform - SmartUp Announces $5.5million Series A Round with Notion Capital and Hong Leong Group

  • Content Development
  • From Print to Digital: What Training Content Should We Deliver Digitally?

    Recent research suggests that effective companies are likely to use a mix of print and digital training materials. But how can organizations determine which content to convert?

  • Content Development
  • Ajzen’s 4 Tips for Successful Behavior Change in Your Organization

    An employee’s desire to change their behavior is influenced by three factors. If you want to change employee behavior, you will need to challenge these factors. Here are some tips...

  • Content Development
  • How to Create Microlearning Content for the Modern Workforce

    How did an informative video grow its views from one to 30 million, going viral with just a few tweaks?

  • Content Development
  • Top 5 Considerations for Creating Your Corporate Training Strategy

    The bottom line for creating a new training strategy: Determine if training will be a good long-term investment. Here are a few important considerations to make.

  • Content Development
  • Technology and Informal Learning Drive the Need for Learning Libraries and Content Curation

    The evolution of learning libraries means that training professionals need a way to ensure that employees are consuming the right content for their jobs.

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