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  • JPL Merges Learning Solutions Business into d'Vinci Subsidiary

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  • How to Avoid Poor Gamification in Mobile Learning

    Gamification and m-learning are two dynamic trends. Today, many instructional designers try to leverage them both by adding game elements to mobile content. Yet gamification and m-learning don’t always get...

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  • Gamification Elements to Use for Learning

    Computer-based games and simulations change the way we work, play and learn. This guide provides strategies for using popular game elements in learning and development.

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  • Why Microlearning Is a Great Workforce Training Strategy

    Comprised of bite-sized, concentrated lessons that target specific outcomes and cater to specific employee needs, microlearning has several benefits. Here are a few.

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  • Engaging Participants in the Learning Process Using the Arts

    One of the most effective ways to maximize training ROI is to use what we know from cognitive science. There is a lot of research dedicated to the effectiveness of...

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  • Training Content Filters

    American novelist Edna Ferber wrote, “Perhaps too much of everything is as bad as too little.” This statement resonates with a common instructional problem.

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  • 8 Movies to Motivate Your Team

    Movies are a great way to train and keep your employees’ attention. A number of films include lessons that align perfectly with the goals of the workplace.

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  • Developing Cybersecurity Literacy in the Workplace

    We hear a lot of types of “literacy” discussed, whether it’s the traditional definition of “reading skills” or financial, computer, digital, information or technology literacy. In the 21st century, there’s...

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  • Media Partners Announces Major Investment and New CEO

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  • Changing the Way Pilots Learn

    Compliance training needs to be more than checking a box; it must be a meaningful process through which learners achieve measurable mastery.

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