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  • 5 Examples of How the Brain Learns in Online Training Programs

    The popularity of brain learning means more translations of neuroscience findings into perspectives on learning and development, specifically concerning communication skills. The BCL Institute defined six brain principles used in...

  • E-Learning
  • Is Adaptive Learning the Way of the Future? Axonify Thinks So.

    This month, Axonify raised $27 million to expand its business, which offers an adaptive “Employee Knowledge Platform” to personalize and measure employee learning. Training Industry spoke with Carol Leaman, Axonify’s...

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  • Docebo and OpenSesame Transform Purchase, Delivery of eLearning Courses

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  • BizLibrary Announces New Content Partnership with WILL Interactive

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  • LFE Capital invests in eMindful

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  • BizLibrary Announces New Content Partnership with KnowCyber

  • E-Learning
  • Implementing E-Learning? What Standards Should You Consider?

    E-learning standards are a set of common rules that apply to content, authoring software and learning management systems (LMSs). They provide all stakeholders with guidelines for designing and developing content...

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  • Training Reinforcement Comes to Life with 4tify

  • E-Learning
  • Coaching vs. Feedback: Including a Virtual Perspective

    Coaching or feedback: How do we know which form of communication works better? The answer varies based on the situation, and it is critical to know the difference.

  • E-Learning
  • Can L&D departments keep pace with business?

    It’s no surprise that L&D departments are struggling to keep up with business demands, but maybe it’s because some long-standing assumptions just don’t hold up to today’s reality and research


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