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  • An Ounce of Prevention

    Jackie, my nurse, sheepishly said, “I think I gave him Penicillin by mistake.” “You think or you know you gave him Penicillin?” I questioned. Reading her face, I knew the...

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  • Pharmacists Out From Behind the Counter?

    For the second consecutive year, a pharmacist at the local CVS store administered my flu vaccine. The young man was pleasant, personable and courteous. The facility was clean and the...

  • E-Learning
  • Does Your Walk Match Your Talk?

    A Chief Medical Officer (CMO) from a large hospital asked me to speak with a hospitalist physician who had received a patient complaint from a hospital administrator. Interestingly, the administrator...

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  • Physician Employment

    Recently I have been consulting with a large specialty practice in the Midwest that is being purchased by the regional medical center where the physicians admit most of their patients...

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  • Physician Leader vs. Physician Clinician

    The transition in healthcare from a fee-for-service payment model to one based on value-based-purchasing is driving the concurrent transition of physicians from clinicians to physician leaders. Just as there are...

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  • Coaching Physicians to Communicate with Patients

    I think it is safe to say that most patients feel physicians are not good communicators. In fact, many patients even feel that their own physician’s communication skills just plain...

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  • The Healthcare Crossword Puzzle

    In my 35 year career in healthcare, I always thought of healthcare as a crossword puzzle, albeit, a crossword puzzle with an ever changing set of rules. Nonetheless, with a...

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  • New evolution to Healthcare Learning

    The future trend of e-learning method in medical education is greatly influenced by major trends in education industry i.e. (1) continuous change in Healthcare environment inclusive of advances in biomedical...


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