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ej4 offers...

  • Off the Shelf Content-
    ej4 is your source for fresh, regularly updated content. We release new videos at an average rate of two-a-day. That includes adding new topics and updating existing ones.

    ej4’s off-the-shelf videos are carefully constructed to fit into the ideal run time of 5-10 minutes, with an average length of 7:12. With a short run time and only a handful of crucial learning points per video, learners absorb needed information quickly and get back to their workday.

    Because our library covers a variety of topic areas, different departments or segments of your organization can use different subsets of our content according to their needs.
  • Custom Content - At ej4, we recognize that there isn’t a “one-size-fits-all” solution to suit all organizations. Every component can be tailored to the needs of your organization. If you don’t see the course or topic you want, our expert team of learning consultants and eLearning production team can work with you to create what you need.

    ej4 offers a number of tools for you to create and integrate your own custom content and distribute it like any other. For example, you can:
  • Include industry-specific case studies along with off-the-shelf content
  • Incorporate messaging specific to your company
  • Add interviews with company executives and personnel
  • Script your own videos and use our tools to create new videos from scratch
  • Pick and choose: use off-the-shelf content for some topics, customize others, and create new videos for still others
  • Thinkzoom - An industry-leading Learning Management System (LMS) should help you organize your training, no matter your needs or methods. Thinkzoom is built to provide the most-needed features in an easy, mobile friendly, intuitive interface incorporating social and gamification throughout.

    Not only does Thinkzoom let you see which videos your employees are watching, but you can observe how well they comprehend the material using the interactive exams and the reinforcement tool, 4tify, exclusive to Thinkzoom. Understanding which courses are popular and which are lacking participation can help you measure your training progress and communicate future training goals. Users can recommend courses, comment on material, share insights, and see how well their colleagues are learning the required courses.

    Thinkzoom gives you a number of tools for sharing your company-specific knowledge and content. You can seamlessly incorporate your own company-personalized training packages into Thinkzoom, whether it be content created with an authoring tool, documents, or video.

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