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  • What L&D Professionals Need to Know about Gamification

    What LandD Professionals Need to Know about Gamification
    By Karl M. Kapp
    Learning and development professionals have the opportunity to leverage gamification to engage learners and drive learning with the incorporation of game elements. But first, learning professionals must understand the pros and cons.
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  • Enhancing Learning with Social Media

    Enhancing Learning with Social Media
    By Kapil Bhasin
    People who are having fun exhibit high levels of attention to what they are doing. Social media offers an effective and fun means for meeting strategic business objectives, and is a natural way to enhance social learning that is already occurring in the workplace.
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  • Gamification in Sales Training: Seven Critical Considerations Before the Games Begin

    Gamification in Sales Training Seven Critical Considerations Before the Games Begin
    By Jeb Brooks
    Deciding on the inclusion of gamification in sales training initiatives requires careful consideration. Building a game that engages and enriches a sales team’s experience with training can increase performance, as well as the company’s bottom line.
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  • Let the Disruption Begin: Social Media and the Great Expansion of Enterprise Learning

    Let the Disruption Begin Social Media and the Great Expansion of Enterprise Learning
    By Phil Antonelli & John Lane
    Learning and development professionals must find new ways to create value, in order to thrive in today’s business world. Social media environments provide rich opportunities for users to observe and learn from others.
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  • Learning Made Fun: Gadgets, Games and a Safe Place to Explore

    Learning Made Fun Gadgets Games and a Safe Place to Explore
    By Ian Huckabee & Tracy Bissette
    Developing fun learning experiences could inspire learners and drive long-term business success. Fun learning can create a domino effect that pushes fun and renewed enthusiasm into other areas of the organization.
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  • How Silicon Valley Inspired an Era of Social Learning

    How Silicon Valley Inspired an Era of Social Learning
    By Jason Corsello
    The social media boom has accelerated peer-to-peer learning, and it’s time for businesses to invest in it. By putting support structures in place, companies are able to rethink the way people learn on the job and create a culture of social learning.
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  • How Games Drive Learning

    How Games Drive Learning
    By Gregg Collins, Ph.D.
    Drama enhances learning, and games are an effective way to leverage engagement in training programs. Games are meant to be hard, and if they aren’t hard, then they aren’t fun. Learning to think like a game designer can take training to the next level.
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  • Roll the Dice: Learning with Board Games

    Roll the Dice Learning with Board Games
    By J S Manoj Koundinya
    Games have the ability to drive behavioral change that could ultimately boost workplace performance. Board games allow hands-on learning that reinforces concepts and gives players the opportunity to apply what they have learned.
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