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Training Industry Magazine is published by Training Industry, Inc. and is available as a Flash-based online publication. Training Industry Magazine offers free subscriptions to learning and development professionals.

Training Industry Magazine is the training industry's only peer-previewed publication. Each issue is planned by an Editorial Board of active workforce learning & development executives who ensure articles remain valuable to the professional readership. Each issue is also guided by a Guest Editor who oversees articles and other content to ensure freshness and usability.

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  • What’s Your ROI for Content Development?

    Training and development teams need to build the proverbial bridge between training events and demonstrable business results by connecting it to the bottom...

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  • Working with Subject Matter Experts

    Organizations are at risk for losing institutional knowledge as employees leave. Having an effective process in place is critical to capture acquired expertise...

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  • Rewiring Your Learning

    Translating the relationship employees have with their phones into learning impact is an extraordinary opportunity for learning and development to drive business...

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  • Training for Performance Improvement: A Carrot or A Stick?

    By acknowledging that not all adult learners come motivated to learn, training departments can be more intentional about how they design and deliver content to their learning audience...

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  • Contextual Anchoring in Learning Design

    One of the many challenges in achieving learning goals is that learner knowledge often remains inert in changing situations. Developing an effective anchoring method can transform training for...

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  • Leveraging Custom Learning Initiatives

    The success or failure of learning and development investments depend on the availability of learning platforms that allow leaders to create personalized learning action...

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  • Giving Old Content New Life

    Converting traditional training to new delivery formats can breathe new life into old programs, while meeting the needs of a more contemporary, geographically dispersed...

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  • A Brain-based Approach to Developing Training Content

    Effective training and development programs literally change the brain. Developing training content starts with understanding how people...

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  • Improving Online Learning Performance

    Online learning offers a consistent, convenient way to deliver training across all parts of the organization. Evaluating online training practices can generate positive...

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  • Balance and Praxis

    Just gaining knowledge is not a satisfactory outcome of training. e-Learning courses should be a balanced blend of knowledge gain and...


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