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Training Industry Magazine is published by Training Industry, Inc. and is available as a Flash-based online publication. Training Industry Magazine offers free subscriptions to learning and development professionals.

Training Industry Magazine is the training industry's only peer-previewed publication. Each issue is planned by an Editorial Board of active workforce learning & development executives who ensure articles remain valuable to the professional readership. Each issue is also guided by a Guest Editor who oversees articles and other content to ensure freshness and usability.

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  • Training versus Performance: It Isn’t Always a Training Issue

    Many organizations share a common assumption that if an employee isn’t doing something “right,” then he or she needs more training. This assumption, and...

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  • Mindfulness: A Critical Success Factor

    Mindfulness and mindfulness meditation have hit the mainstream. Mindfulness is the capacity to purposefully, objectively observe whatever is occurring within and around you, and mindfulness meditation is...

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  • Creating the Ideal Learning Environment: How to Maximize Time, Resources and Engagement

    Creating the ideal learning environment that engages learners, boosts their intrinsic motivation and demonstrates the value of the experience can be quite a challenge...

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  • Passion in the Classroom: Are You a Sand Salesman?

    One of the most valuable lessons I ever learned happened in an unexpected way. I was boarding an early morning flight from DC to Dallas. The weather...

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  • The Leader as the Facilitator: How to Effectively Lead Knowledge Workers

    Historically, “leadership” has largely been considered a top-down function. Leaders were masters of their crafts that doled out their knowledge over time to eager...

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  • Interaction Psychology: Why Clicks, Points & Badges Don’t Translate in E-Learning

    Let’s say you hired an award-winning e-learning agency to create a game-based learning course on food handling safety for your large, fast casual restaurant chain. The...

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  • Learning Effectiveness by Design

    The problem of training transfer and its most recent synonym, “scrap learning,” have been the nemesis of learning professionals for decades, yet very little has...

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  • Four Ways to Engage

    L&D leaders are constantly trying to figure out if there is a skeleton key to open the door to a 100-percent engagement rate. As a result, many...

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  • The What, How and Why

    There has never been a question that the role of the learning leader is to improve the performance of the organization by introducing, when necessary, an intervention to change the...

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  • The Outcome of Engagement

    Within companies across the globe, sales departments are looking at activations, marketing teams are tracking Net Promoter Scores, IT is measuring the number of tickets closed and human resources is...


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