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Training Industry Magazine is published by Training Industry, Inc. and is available as a Flash-based online publication. Training Industry Magazine offers free subscriptions to learning and development professionals.

Training Industry Magazine is the training industry's only peer-previewed publication. Each issue is planned by an Editorial Board of active workforce learning & development executives who ensure articles remain valuable to the professional readership. Each issue is also guided by a Guest Editor who oversees articles and other content to ensure freshness and usability.

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  • Testing the Waters with Mobile Learning

    Mobile is ubiquitous. People use mobile devices, both tablets and smartphones, to access information, stay connected, play games or learn something...

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  • Incorporating Instant Messaging into Communications Training

    Most of us send text messages on a daily, if not an hourly, basis in our personal lives – and have...

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  • Tools for the Mixed Physical and Virtual Classroom

    As virtual classrooms become more and more prevalent, the need for a standard set of practices and procedures for training delivery...

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  • Training a Diverse Workforce

    In 1776, artistic consultant Pierre Eugene du Simitiere suggested the adoption of the U.S. motto “E Pluribus Unum” (“Out of Many, One”)...

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  • Next Generation Classroom: Providing the Ultimate Learning Experience

    The terrain of corporate training today still includes the typical delivery options prevalent within the last decade – virtual, on-demand, mobile...

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  • Meeting the Five Moments of Need: High-Impact Sales Enablement through Virtual Learning Environments

    “To what degree is my organization addressing the entire journey performers make from the beginning stages of learning through the full...

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  • Save the Learners: Building a Serious Game Strategy

    Have you ever spent hours developing an e-learning course, finished it, and thought, “Learners are going to love this course! They...

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  • Universal Design for Learning: Out of the Classroom and into the Corporate World

    Across all industries, there is a growing awareness that diversity matters and is a competitive differentiator. As organizations realize the value...

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  • Transforming the Classroom Experience

    This edition of Training Industry Magazine challenges us to think broadly about program design, and to consider using all of the tools at our disposal to revolutionize the classroom experience...

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  • Onboarding Successful Leaders

    What does it take to successfully onboard a leader? Onboarding a leader is different than onboarding staff who will not directly contribute to the strategic direction, mission, values and...


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