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Training Industry Magazine is published by Training Industry, Inc. and is available as a Flash-based online publication. Training Industry Magazine offers free subscriptions to learning and development professionals.

Training Industry Magazine is the training industry's only peer-previewed publication. Each issue is planned by an Editorial Board of active workforce learning & development executives who ensure articles remain valuable to the professional readership. Each issue is also guided by a Guest Editor who oversees articles and other content to ensure freshness and usability.

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  • Train for the Brain: What 25 Years of Brain Science Can Teach Us About Workplace Learning

    Over the last two and a half decades, we have advanced our understanding of the human brain further than we did in the previous 500 years. Thanks to new technologies,...

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  • Why Yesterday’s Skills Aren’t Enough to Survive Today’s Digital Transformation

    Organizations today are faced with a disruption that is nothing short of historic. Digital technologies have made their way into organizations and now impact every facet of organizational behavior, both...

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  • The Rise of the LearnBot

    When one hears the word “robot,” the reaction frequently is one of either concern or amusement – concern because of movies like “The Terminator” and “I, Robot,” where machines decide...

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  • Key Trends for 2016: Focusing on the Science of Learning to Better Engage the Adult Learner

    The expectations on leaders of training organizations to improve business performance requires them to understand how to create and deliver content that positively influences the learner’s behavior. Understanding how to...

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  • Using Technology to Amplify Leadership Development

    Leadership development is ubiquitous; U.S. companies alone spend billions every year on it. And it’s critical in the current business environment, where everyone is grappling with constant change. Learning...

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  • Leaving a Learning Legacy: Developing Pervasive & Perpetual Learning

    The corporate learning landscape continues to change and develop at light speed. Business demands and competitive pressures are forcing professionals to learn “in the moment.” Employees no longer wait for...

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  • How to Turn Highly Technical Content into an Engaging Learner Experience

    Imagine a typical course on a technical topic: Learners enter the room; sit for hours passively listening to an instructor slog through a slide-heavy, text-heavy, lecture-based course; then walk out...

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  • Video Bytes: Just-in-Time Sales Training

    As a trainer, it’s common to hear complaints like these from sales reps: “I don’t have time for training.” “By the time I get back to my territory, the information...

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  • Tracking Trends

    This is the time of year that our team at Training Industry reflects and takes inventory of the ideas that have impacted our industry over the past 12 months. This...

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  • Personalizing the User Experience in a World of Blur

    At a recent conference I attended, the opening speaker stated “We are living in a world of blur.”  I reflected on this statement and wondered to myself, how do we...


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