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September/October 2017 Issue Advertisers:


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  • The Five Cornerstones to Becoming a Trusted Learning Advisor

    The relationship between work and learning in today’s organizations has never been stronger. Research results from the Bersin-Deloitte study (2017...

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  • Aligning Business and Learning Outcomes for Measurable Impact

    How can an organization optimize business outcomes using learning as its critical enabler? To meet this challenge, think business first...

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  • Creating a Data-Driven Learning Strategy

    A data-driven learning strategy aligns learning goals with the business and ensures the learning function is putting its design, manufacturing...

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  • L&D As Global As Possible, As Local As Necessary: Finding Beauty in the Balance

    An increasing number of learning and development (L&D) professionals are struggling to find a good balance between their global...

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  • SQUIRREL! Avoiding the Bright, Shiny Objects and Focusing on Outcomes

    Regardless of the industry, there’s an appeal to what’s new and trendy. It’s exciting when the branding of a product...

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  • Conscious Organizational Learning

    Learning as a human need has always been natural and stemmed out of curiosity. In an organizational context, it has...

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  • A Content Strategy Isn’t Just for Marketers

    Marketers are proficient in using a content engagement cycle – a practice in which they decide when to engage with...

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  • Perspectives: Strategic Alignment

    My guess is that the cover of the magazine may have tipped you off about the focus of this edition...

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  • Driving Business Growth through Internal Certification Programs

    Working for a global organization oftentimes means working on projects with people from around the globe who have very different...

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  • Brain-Based Conversations for Strategic Alignment

    On the surface, “strategic alignment” is easy to understand It simply requires that people executing a business strategy be on...


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