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  • Planning, Developing and Implementing Serious Games

    Serious games and gamification are all the buzz in the training industry, but do we truly understand how they enhance performance? With diligent planning and execution, serious games can change behaviors...

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  • Let’s Get Serious About Live, Instructor-Led Training

    With so many modes of training delivery available to learning and development professionals, it’s common to wonder whether a traditional face-to-face program is necessary to meet the needs of the...

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  • Just What Employees Ordered: Personalized Adaptive Learning

    With mobile and social learning transforming the training industry, learning and development professionals need to develop personalized and adaptive learning to meet the needs of today’s learners. Companies that personalize learning...

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  • Training with Pictures, not Bullet Points

    Visual images keep learners engaged. Incorporating more images into presentations can provide a richer classroom experience that drives engagement and learning retention. A PechaKucha presentation is an excellent alternative to a...

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  • Anti-Social Learning?

    Keeping employees involved and connected with each other supports organic learning and increases the speed to proficiency for new skills. Learning and development processionals can leverage technology to support social learning...

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  • Using Microlearning and Information Design to Elevate Soft Skills Training

    In 2014, e-learning became the most widely used method for workplace training. But the drawback is the fact workplace e-learning has continually experienced poor engagement, especially when it comes to...

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  • How Improvisation Can Drive Employee Engagement

    In case you haven’t heard, engagement scores are flat or down in most surveys and tracking. This is a wakeup call for learning and development professionals. Training initiatives need to empower...

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  • Accelerating Expertise with Simulations

    Conventional wisdom is that it takes about 10,000 hours to become an expert. That’s five years working full time. Simulations can accelerate the learning curve and enhance knowledge transfer by helping...

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  • Leadership Progression: It’s All About Real Growth

    Progression is more than development. It is movement toward a destination or a more advanced state. Leadership progression is a journey from where you are now to where you want...

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  • Harnessing Social Learning to Enhance Professional Development

    Learners need the opportunity to process information, and then utilize it in the context of real business challenges. This experiential learning enables individuals to think critically about the knowledge they...


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