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September/October 2017 - Strategic Alignment

  • The Five Cornerstones to Becoming a Trusted Learning Advisor
  • Aligning Business and Learning Outcomes for Measurable Impact
  • Creating a Data-Driven Learning Strategy
  • L&D as Global as Possible, as Local as Necessary: Finding Beauty in the Balance
  • SQUIRREL! Avoiding the Bright, Shiny Objects and Focusing on Outcomes
  • Conscious Organizational Learning
  • A Content Strategy Isn’t Just for Marketers

July/August 2017 - Experiential Learning

  • Online, On-Demand, But Not On Their Own.
  • Millennials and Microlearning: Moving from Knowledge Retention to Action-Focused Outcomes
  • Finding the Value in Informal Learning
  • The Power of Stories: Personalizing the Learning Connection
  • Using an Observation & Feedback Model for Leadership Development
  • Special Report: The Future of Corporate Learning
  • 4D Model: The 4 Dimensions of Building Learning Experiences
  • Reimagine Your Learning and Training … Virtually
  • Four Benefits of Interactive Video for Learning
  • Sales Transformation Through Engaging Online Learning Experiences

May/June 2017 - Mind the Gap

  • 4 Assumptions Holding L&D Back: Transferring Training into Workplace Behavior
  • Bottom-Up Organizational Assessments
  • New Hires: The Forgotten Leaders
  • The Surround Strategy Model: Driving Organizational Capability to Business Impact
  • When Skill Requirements Move Too Fast: Talent Development Strategies
  • Disrupting Best Practices in L&D: Differentiating Horizontal & Vertical Development
  • Closing the Digital Competence Gap
  • How to Create Learning Pathways that Scale

March/April 2017 - Coaching & Culture

  • Leveraging the Coaching Revolution
  • The Collaborative Approach to Large-Scale Design Projects
  • Team Acceleration: Designing High-Impact Development
  • Cultivating a Culture that Grows High-Potential Employees
  • The Rise of the Workplace Coach
  • The Essentials of a Mentoring Platform
  • Transforming Sales Managers into World-Class Sales Coaches

Special Edition 2017 - Perspectives on Content Development

  • Flipped Kirkpatrick: Learning Journeys for Business Impact
  • Boost Efficiency and Do More with Less: 5 Practical Ideas
  • Critical Mistake Analysis: Creating Effective Hands-On Learning Experiences
  • Delivering Content that Lives Up to Experience
  • Designing Performer-Centric Learning Systems for Millennials, Gen Z and Beyond
  • Design Better, Design Backward
  • Converting Mobile Learning to HTML5
  • Secrets of Successful Large-Scale Learning Programs

Nov/Dec 2016 - Trends 2017

  • The Impact of New Technology on the Leadership Development Industry
  • Four Steps, Two Voices: Navigating the Manager-Millennial Relationship
  • Key Trends for 2017: Innovation in Educational Technology
  • Treating Our Learners as Customers
  • If Not Learning Styles, Then What?
  • PACE: Prescription for an Adaptive Course Environment
  • Is Microlearning Enough?
  • Learning Portfolio Transformation
  • Lean Learning: Why You Need to Cut the Fat to Demonstrate Learning Value

Fall 2016 - Engagement & Outcomes

  • Training versus Performance: It Isn’t Always a Training Issue
  • Mindfulness: A Critical Success Factor
  • Creating the Ideal Learning Environment: How to Maximize Time, Resources and Engagement
  • Passion in the Classroom: Are You a Sand Salesman?
  • The Leader as Facilitator: How to Effectively Lead Knowledge Workers
  • Interaction Psychology: Why Characters, Clicks, Points and Badges Don't Translate in E-Learning
  • Learning Effectiveness by Design
  • Four Ways to Engage

Summer 2016 - Extending the Learning Experience
  • Purpose-Driven Professional & Organization Success
  • The Four Pillars of High-Impact Mentoring
  • Blowing Your Millennial Mindset
  • Hidden Forces: Unconscious Bias in Learning
  • Memory: The Critical Bottleneck to Learning
  • Gender Barriers & Solutions to Leadership
  • Utilizing Diverse Thinking & Behavioral Preferences
  • Accelerating Collaborative Teamwork
  • Dispelling the Five Myths of Microlearning

Special Edition 2016 - Perspectives on Sales 
  • "The Salesperson's Most Valuable Portfolio: Aligning with What Matters Most to Your Customer" by Steve Andersen & Craig Jones
  • "Modern Sales Management" by Richard Barkey
  • "Big Data-Driven Sales Training" by Duane Sparks
  • "Do Your Salespeople Know Where They're Struggling?" by Tim Riesterer
  • "Trust Is Dead. Long Live Trust!" by Mark Marone
  • "The Secret of Sales Enablement" by Ken Valla & Ed Emde
  • "What Sets High-Performing Teams Apart" by Julie Thomas
  • "Unlocking Sales Training: Four Keys to Rapid Behavior Change" by Mark Bashrum

Spring 2016 - The Evolution of the Classroom

  • "Testing the Waters with Mobile Learning" by Beth McGoldrick
  • "Incorporating Instant Messaging into Communications Training" by Jordan R. Jensen
  • "Tools for the Mixed Physical and Virtual Classroom" by Howard Forder
  • "Training a Diverse Workforce" by Jeff Drozdowski
  • "Next Generation Classroom: Providing the Ultimate Learning Experience" by Hugh McCullen
  • "Meeting the Five Moments of Need: High-Impact Sales Enablement through Virtual Learning" by Erika Robertson & Mike Cieri
  • "Save the Learners: Building a Serious Game Strategy" by Dan Keckan
  • "Universal Design for Learning" by Debby McNichols

Winter 2016 - Key Trends

  • "Train for the Brain: What 25 Years of Brain Science Can Teach Us About Workplace Learning" by Jeremy B. Teitelbaum
  • "Why Yesterday's Skills Aren't Enough to Survive Today's Digital Transformation" by Jason C. Hathaway
  • "The Rise of the LearnBot" by James J. Goldsmith
  • "Key Trends for 2016: Focusing on the Science of Learning to Better Engage the Adult Learner" by Doug Harward
  • "Using Technology to Amplify Leadership Development" by Sanjay Advani
  • "Leaving a Learning Legacy: Developing Pervasive & Perpetual Learning" by Steve Swink
  • "How to Turn Highly Technical Content into an Engaging Learner Experience" by Michele Graham, Diana Benyaminy, Lauren Fregonese & Joy Gross
  • "Video Bytes: Just-in-Time Sales Training" by Scott Cook

Special Edition 2015 - Perspectives on Outsourcing

  • "Proving Your Relevance: How to Flex More Muscle Through Outsourcing" by Don Duquette & Heidi Milberg
  • "'I Don't Really Know' Is No Longer An Option: Why Applying BPO to Training is the Right Choice" by Edward Trolley
  • "10 Lessons for Success in Managed Learning" by Joanne Casson
  • "Lessons Learned: When Training Is Not Aligned with Business Objectives" by A.D. Detrick
  • "Higher Value Outsourcing: Moving to an Integrated Workforce Development Model" by Ray Matteson
  • "Choosing the Right Training Partner & Modality to Achieve the Best Results" by Lynne Wagner
  • "Transforming L&D Through Training Outsourcing" by Simon Vuillaume & Wolfgang Stein
  • "Setting the 'Gold Standard' in Video e-Learning" by Tom Bronikowski

Fall 2015 - Training Delivery

  • "Planning, Developing and Implementing Serious Games" by Andrew Hughes & Karlea McCoy
  • "Let's Get Serious About Live, Instructor-Led Training" by Dale Ludwig
  • "Just What Employees Ordered: Personalized Adaptive Learning" by Steve Swink
  • "Training with Pictures, not Bullet Points" by Sara Ulmer
  • "Anti-Social Learning?" by Cammy Bean
  • "Using Microlearning and Information Design to Elevate Soft Skills Training" by Stephen J. Meyer
  • "How Improvisation Can Drive Employee Engagement" by Doug Hutton
  • "Accelerating Expertise with Simulations" by Cindy McCabe & Ann Garvey

Summer 2015 - Professional Development

  • "Leadership Progression: It’s All About Real Growth" by Seth Saunders
  • "Harnessing Social Learning to Enhance Professional Development" by Daila Boufford
  • "The CLO Reality: What It Takes to Lead & Manage the Learning Function" by Ajay Pangarkar & Teresa Kirkwood
  • "Don’t Let Everyday Innovation Get Lost in Presentation" by Brad Holst 
  • "Markers Over Clickers: Techniques Salespeople Can Use to Win" by Tim Riesterer
  • "New Leadership Competencies: Harnessing the Power of an Unfocused Mind" by Srini Pillay
  • "The Impact of Developing Internal Leaders" by Nader Sadek
  • "Generating Demonstrated Business Value From Targeted Learning Investments" by Chip Cleary & Tom Hilgart

Special Edition 2015 - Perspectives on Leadership

  • "Accelerating Leadership Development" by Jocelyn Berard
  • "Are You Creating a Training Course of Designing a Learning Experience?" by Valerie Nichols
  • "Leadership Development vs. Employee Engagement: How Best to Allocate Limited Training Resources" by Fraser Marlow
  • "Building Great Leadership Through Continuous Learning" by Priti Shaw
  • "Frontline Managers as Leaders: Is Your Organization Maximizing Millennial Talent?" by PJ Neal
  • "Leaders Leading Leaders: Training for the New Reality of Leadership" by Dr. Breck England
  • "The Magic of Asking for Feedback" by Jack Zenger & Joe Folkman
  • "Comptencies As We Know Them Are Dead" by Richard Little, Grahame Broadbelt and Kerry Garner Venter

Spring 2015 - Generating Impact with Soft Skills

  • "The Power of Storytelling in Organizational Development" by Salima Hemani
  • "Leading Change with Resilience" by Siobhan Brown
  • "Why Perspective Selling Makes Sense" by Byron Matthews
  • "Harnessing the Power of Teamwork" by Joleen Goronkin
  • "Collaborate to Innovate: Building an Innovation-Friendly Business Culture" by Barry Rosen & Andy Atkins
  • "Are You Using the Best Metrics to Evaluate Your Skills Training?" by John Mattox, II, Ph.D.
  • "Influencing into the Future" by B. Kim Barnes
  • "Culture: The Enemy at the Gate of Innovation" by Dr. Sydney Savion

Winter 2015 - Trends 2015

  • "The Business Potential of Cloud-based Learning" by Candy Osborne
  • "A New Role for Instructional Design" by Ron Zamir
  • "Social Motivation: The Key to Adult Learning ROI" by Will Sargent
  • "Key Trends for 2015: Transforming the Training Function" by Doug Harward
  • "Bite-sized Learning Turns Less into More" by Manjit Sekhon
  • "How C-level Executives View Corporate Training" by Steve Fiehl
  • "Learning Content Modernization: Why, What and How" by Sonia Wadhwa

Fall 2014 - Content Is King

  • "Giving Old Content New Life" by Sheri Winter
  • "Leveraging Custom Learning Initiatives" by Jayakanth C M
  • "Contextual Anchoring in Learning Design" by Ben Nayak
  • "Training for Performance Improvement" by Lyall J. Swim
  • "Rewiring Your Learning" by Gerry Griffin
  • "Working with Subject Matter Experts" by Peggy Salvatore, M.B.A.
  • "What's Your ROI for Content Development?" by Paul Leone, Ph.D.

Summer 2014 - Leading at the Speed of Business

  • "Leading through a Merger and Acquisition" by Juliana Stancampiano
  • "Organizational Change through Applied Learning" by Madison Prince
  • "Influencing without Line Authority: A Key Skill for Virtual Project Managers" by Ben Lovegrove
  • "The Currency of Trust: The Difference between Flourishing and Floundering" by Kimberly Gerber
  • "Building Buy-in for Learning Investments" by Marjorie Derven and Alan A. Malinchak
  • "Sales Winners Sell Differently: How Selling Is and Isn't Changing" by Mike Schultz
  • "From Mind-Full to Mindful: The Intention/Instruction Intersection" by Julie Winkle Giulioni
  • "The Implications of Organizational Forgetting" by Tracy Lowrance

Spring 2014 - Gaming and Social Tools

  • "What L&D Professionals Need to Know about Gamification" by Karl M. Kapp
  • "Enhancing Learning with Social Media" by Kapil Bhasin
  • "Gamification in Sales Training: Seven Critical Considerations Before the Games Begin" by Jeb Brooks
  • "Let the Disruption Begin: Social Media and the Great Expansion of Enterprise Learning" by Phil Antonelli & John Lane
  • "Learning Made Fun: Gadgets, Games and a Safe Place to Explore" by Ian Huckabee & Tracy Bissette
  • "How Silicon Valley Inspired an Era of Social Learning" by Jason Corsello
  • "How Games Drive Learning" by Gregg Collins, Ph.D.
  • "Roll the Dice: Learning with Board Games" J S Manoj Koundinya

Winter 2014 - Emerging Trends

  • "Responsive Design and Learning Solutions" by Matt Donovan & Chuck Stewart
  • "Women, Leadership and Emotional Intelligence" by Dr. Shawn Andrews
  • "Key Trends for 2014: Shifting to Business-centric Learning" by Doug Harward
  • "The Promise of Badges for Learning and Development" by Mark Johnson
  • "The Business Leader's Bottom Line: Aligning Learning with Organizational Needs" by Ajay M. Pangarkar & Teresa Kirkwood
  • "Raising the Bar: The Impact of Sales Training on Effective Customer Engagement" by Steve Andersen & Craig Jones 
  • "The Language of Measurement: When to Assess, Evaluate and Test" by John R. Mattox, II, Ph.D. & Michele A. Graham, M.S.

Fall 2013 - Power Your Learning

  • "Introducing Simulation into Learning Strategies: Examining the Key Considerations" by Ron Arnold & Paul Meskanick
  • "The Evolution of the LMS" by Doug Stephen
  • "Bringing Your Mojo to the Virtual Classroom" by Cynthia Clay
  • "Merging Social Learning and Technology to Achieve Business Outcomes" by Sanjay Parker & S. Villarreal
  • "Optimizing Workforce Learning and Performance" by Mark Bower
  • "Badges: Bridging the Higher Education and Workforce Gap" by Deborah Everhart

Summer 2013-
 Managing Talent

  • "How to Optimize Behavior Change for Business Impact" by Andrew Graham
  • "Addressing the Skilled Trade Crisis" by Eric Rodgers
  • "Cultural Differences in Training" by Neil Shorney
  • "Gender Communication in the Workplace" by Shawn Andrews
  • "Meeting the Needs of Gen Y Learners" by Tamara J. Erickson
  • "A Leader's 'Crashless' Course: Helping Employees Drive Career Development" by Beverly Kaye & Julie Winkle Giulioni

Spring 2013- Science of Learning

  • "What the Latest Brain Research Tells Us about Designing Learning that Sticks" by Sam Herring
  • "Motivation: The Key to Learning Transfer" by Karen Sieczka
  • "Improving Learning Outcomes with a Bite-Sized Strategy" by Paul Terry
  • "Adult Development: Predicting Learning Success" by Michael Lamport Commons & Terri Lee Robinett
  • "From One Brain to Another: What We’ve Learned about Learning" by Deirdre M. Campbell
  • "Formalizing Informal Learning" by Ruth Kustoff

Winter 2013- Trends in Training

  • "Key Trends for 2013: Sustainability & the Changing Role of the Learning Leader" by Doug Harward
  • "Collaborative Leadership for Building Trust & Driving Business Results" by Linda Stewart
  • "Delivering on the Promise of Social Learning" by Carol L. Cohen
  • "Three Emerging Trends in Sales Training" by Ron D’Andrea
  • "Building Strategic Learning Linkages: Mapping & Measuring Your Learning Strategy" by Ajay M. Pangarkar & Teresa Kirkwood
  • "High-Definition Learning: A New Competitive Advantage" by Donna L. Rhode

Fall 2012- Learning Technologies
  • "Expert Education: Training, Technology & SMEs" by Shawn Andrews
  • "Cloud Transition: More to Consider Than Just Security" by Billy Biggs
  • "My Training Dashboard? Which One?" by Tom Kelly
  • "5 Gaming Elements for Effective e-Learning" by Karl Kapp
  • "Let's Get Multi-Platform Training Right" by Bill Rosenthal

Summer 2012-
 Devoloping Leaders

  • "Going Local: Six Ways to Keep Leadership Development Alive" by Eyal Yurconi
  • "Building Your Leadership Brand" by Steve Arneson
  • "How Simulations Develop Leaders" by Bjorn Billhardt
  • "Organizational Burnout: How Training Can Help" by Dr. Srini Pillay
  • "Increasing Leadership Performance with Emotional Intelligence" by Travis Bradberry

Spring 2012- Alignment, Engagement & Outcomes

  • "Assessing Learning and Performance" by Malcolm Poulin
  • "The Science of Engagement" by Michael Lee Stallard
  • "Engaging Senior Leaders in the Learning and Development Process" by Wendy Brooks
  • "Six Critical Measurement Mistakes and How to Avoid Them" by David Carder
  • "The Difference Makers: Identifying and Hiring the Right People" by Dr. Bobby Baker

Winter 2012- Informal Learning

  • "User-Generated Content" by Don Duquette 
  • "It's All About the Social. Or Is It?" by Mike Merriman
  • "Informal Learning: The Dawn of a Profitable New Era" by Brian Taliesin
  • "Harvesting Creativity through Social Media" by Karen Sieczka
  • "Connect, Learn, Share, Innovate: How to Begin Your Social Media Journey" by Robert Campbell & Joe Bush

Fall 2011- Technology & Learning
  • "Redefining the 'e' in e-Learning" by Lance Dublin"Essential Components for Effectively Training a Global Workforce" by Don Berbary &
  • Richard Chappell
  • "Five m-Learning Considerations for Your Talent Management Strategy" by Billy Biggs
  • "Instructional Design: Learning Meets Technology" by Mark Bower
  • "Improving Training: Thinking like a Game Developer" by Karl M. Kapp

Summer 2011- Balancing People and Profits  
  • "Performance Management: Focus on People...and Profit" by Ken Blanchard
  • "Adding Social Media Tools to Learning Portfolios: 10 Questions to Consider" by Steve Arneson
  • "Bridging the Gap: Training and Business Results" by Paul Leone
  • "Managing Knowledge in High Performance Organizations" by John Hovell

Spring 2011- Developing Corporate-Academia Partnerships

"Developing High Impact Academia Partnerships" by Larry Looker, Gretchen Payne & Kee Meng Yeo
"Sustainability - The Next Corporate Challenge" by Grant Ricketts
"The LMS Evolution: Revolutionizing Form and Function" by John Schneble
"Video: The Next Hot Learning App?" by Tim Hughan

Winter 2011- Training Under Construction

"Proving Training's Value: Linking Training to Business Outcomes" by Bob Lee
"7 Solutions for Workforce Training" by Karen E. Gardner
"Onboarding: A Driving Force for Employee Engagement" by Ruth Kustoff
"Making Informal Learning Real" by Bob Mosher

Fall 2010- Brain Gain

"Learning Design for Every Mind" by Julie Winkle Giulioni and Karen Voloshin
"The New Era of Mobile Learning" by Don Duquette
"The Essential Tension: Developing Leaders around the Globe" by Dr. Tommy Weir
"Manager Engagement: Reducing Scrap Learning" by John R. Mattox II, Ph.D.

Summer 2010- Learning in Virtual Worlds

"Learning in Virtual Worlds" by Karl M. Kapp and Tony O'Driscoll
"Mentoring Mistakes: 10 Program Pitfalls & How to Avoid Them" by Beth N. Carvin
"The Next Generation of Corporate Universities" by Mark Allen, Ph.D.
"Business Alignment: Beyond Fast-Food Training" by Nicole Smack

Spring 2010- Measuring Learning

"The Business Case for Measuring Learning" by Jeffrey Berk
"Marketing the Benefits of Training" by Stanton Heister
"Making Sense of the New Blend" by Cynthia Clay
"The Do's and Don'ts of Pitching New Technology to Executive Management" by Kathleen Waid

Winter 2010- Human Capital Lifecycle

"The Human Capital Lifecycle: Strategically Managing Talent and Training" by Joyce A. Thompsen
"Engaging with Games and Simulations" by Bjorn Billhardt
"The Bottom-Line: Aligning Learning with Business Needs" by Ajay M. Pangarkar and Teresa Kirkwood
"2010's Top Training Technology Trends" by David Mallon 

Fall 2009-
 User Generated Content

Summer 2009-
Evolution of Learning Leaders

Spring 2009- Certification Training

Winter 2009-
 Building Your Training Legacy

Fall 2008- Embracing Web 2.0

Summer 2008
- Games and Simulations

Spring 2008- Taking ROI to Level 6



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