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Training Industry Magazine Editorial Board

The following members of the Training Industry Magazine Editorial Board of Advisors, all learning leaders in their own organizations, work to ensure each issue of the magazine best serves the needs of training executives and other senior professionals:

  • Dr. Shawn Andrews, Founder and CEO, Andrews Research International
  • Derek Cunard, LPC, Chief People Officer, Pinnacle Automotive Hospitality Services 
  • Vince Eugenio, Ph.D., HCS, CCMC, Senior Leader, Talent Development, Boys and Girls Clubs of America
  • Carol Gajus, Ph.D., Director, Stores and Military Executive Development Programs, Macy's Corporate
  • Nancy Gustafson, Workforce Learning and Development Manager, American Red Cross
  • Lorna Hagen, Vice President, People Operations, OnDeck
  • Jeanette Harrison, Vice President, Enterprise Learning & Development, Pitney Bowes
  • John Hovell, Senior Manager, Learning Operations and Technology, BAE Systems
  • Kaliym Islam, Vice President, Depository Trust & Clearing Corp.
  • Barbara Jordan, Chief Learning Officer, Jackson Hewitt Tax Service
  • Karen Kocher, Chief Learning Officer, Cigna
  • Meredith Lubitz, Vice President, Talent Management, Dow Jones
  • Laura Moraros, Global Head of Sales Learning, Facebook
  • Scott Nutter, General Manager - Research, AQP & Development, Delta Air Lines 
  • Marc Ramos, Head of Google Fiber Education, Google
  • Steve Sitek, Head of Learning, Education & Communications, Ethics & Compliance, Novartis
  • Kee Meng Yeo, Director, Enterprise Talent Development, Amway

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  • Purpose-Driven Professional and Organizational Success

    Theorists and practitioners typically use “purpose” to refer either to a company’s mission or to the people a company employs. When referring...

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  • Making It Personal: The Four Pillars of High-Impact Mentoring

    Companies with mentoring programs report higher employee satisfaction, increased loyalty and lower turnover. Mentees and mentors perform better, earning more...

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  • Blowing Your Millennial Mindset: Challenging Conventional Generational Wisdom

    “Ours is the most diverse workforce in the history of mankind.”  “Our workforce speaks 18 different languages.”  “To have four – sometimes five...

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  • Hidden Forces at Work: Unconscious Bias in Learning

    In today’s workplace, there’s an unseen force influencing our decisions. Multiple studies show that:  Resumes with “white”-sounding names (like “Greg”) are 50...

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  • Memory: The Critical Bottleneck to Learning

    If the ultimate goal of training and educational interventions is to increase what learners know so they can make more informed...

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  • Gender Barriers and Solutions to Leadership

    In the business world, women leaders are still a minority. This statement comes as no surprise to most...

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  • Cognitive Collaboration: Utilizing Diverse Thinking and Behavioral Preferences

    Rich Sheridan, CEO of Menlo Innovations, uses Cognitive Collaboration™ to make his company “a workplace people love,” solve challenging...

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  • Get Into the Act: Accelerating Collaborative Teamwork

    In the 21st century, collaboration trumps strategy. It’s collaborate or evaporate. The forces of complexity, diversity and speed now shape our workplaces: the...

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  • Dispelling the Five Myths of Microlearning

    Cutting an earthworm in half will create two earthworms: myth.  Drinking soda and Pop Rocks at the same time...

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  • Sustaining the Impact of a Great Training Program

    This edition of Training Industry Magazine challenges us to think broadly about how and when we need to focus on the long-term skills impact of training programs. When it comes...


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