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Training Industry Magazine connects learning and development professionals with the resources and solutions they need to manage the business of learning. The magazine publishes quarterly with new issues available in March, June, September and December.

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  • Learning Content Modernization: Why, What and How

    Transforming old content to new delivery formats can create a more dynamic learning experience for today’s...

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  • How C-level Executives View Corporate Training

    Companies are realizing that they must invest in employee development to maintain a skilled and nimble workforce to remain...

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  • Bite-sized Learning Turns Less into More

    Short-form learning provides a long-term solution to knowledge retention. Developing bite-sized content meets the needs of today’s...

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  • Key Trends for 2015: Transforming the Training Function

    Corporate executives and learning leaders are looking for ways to transform their organization to solve business problems, eliminate waste and drive value. Taking a look forward, here are some important trends...

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  • Social Motivation: The Key to Adult Learning ROI

    Fostering a sense of belonging can create a workplace culture that embraces the need and desire to learn and moves the organization forward...

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  • A New Role for Instructional Design

    Changes in the marketing landscape are creating new opportunities for instructional design teams to enhance value and generate business...

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  • The Business Potential of Cloud-based Learning

    Developing just-in-time learning solutions has the potential to affect business outcomes for organizations by influencing employee...

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  • Trends Across the Spectrum

    Keeping up with the fundamentals and executing them effectively allows for greater training...

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  • From Training to Continuous Learning in the Workplace

    Adopting a mindset of continuous learning to improve performance is a lifetime...

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  • Integrating Accommodations for Learning Disabilities into Training

    Training professionals have a role to play in helping employees with learning disabilties achieve...


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