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Training Industry Magazine connects learning and development professionals with the resources and solutions they need to manage the business of learning. The magazine publishes quarterly with new issues available in March, June, September and December.

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  • The Implications of Organizational Forgetting

    Knowledge is power. The need for retaining, sharing and discarding information is ongoing in the business world. Effectively managing employee knowledge is the key to opening doors for future...

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  • Leading through a Merger and Acquisition

    Leadership must address key challenges to ensure a smooth transition while preparing for change. It’s important to keep employees motivated and on track to meet business goals in the midst...

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  • Influencing without Line Authority:
    A Key Skill for Virtual Project Managers

    Increasing globalization of organizations’ workforces has led to a new requirement for project managers. They must now effectively manage teams across boundaries, cultures and geographical locations to deliver results on...

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  • The Currency of Trust:
    The Difference between Flourishing and Floundering

    Trust is more than a cornerstone of business. A high-trust business culture can increase performance as well as the company’s bottom line. Business leaders should value trust just as they...

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  • Building Buy-in for Learning Investments

    Learning leaders must be able to translate learning investments into top-line revenue growth by providing the business function with rationale, metrics and business impact of training...

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  • Sales Winners Sell Differently:
    How Selling Is and Isn’t Changing

    Sellers who win sell radically different than those who come in second place. Understanding how these top sales reps are successfully closing deals is the key to building a culture...

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  • From Mind-Full to Mindful:
    The Intention/Instruction Intersection

    What comes from the heart frequently speaks louder than what comes out of a leader’s mouth. Leveraging mindfulness has the ability to enhance employee productivity, performance and drive bottom-line...

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  • BAE Systems: Speeding the Business
    of Learning through Collaboration
    and Knowledge Management

    Sharing information is vital to business success, which led BAE Systems to build a culture of...

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  • Developing Emerging Talent Piplelines

    Creating a strategic process to develop emerging talent can positively impact the...

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  • Becoming an Authentic Leader

    Authentic leadership creates the resilience needed to thrive in the current...


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