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Training Industry Magazine connects learning and development professionals with the resources and solutions they need to manage the business of learning. The magazine publishes bi-monthly with new issues available in January, March, May, July, September and November.

Articles are assigned off an annual editorial calendar. Article proposals should be submitted by July for consideration on the following year’s calendar. 

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  • Extending Learning Into the Workflow

    Thirty years ago a training course was the principal, and often only, method used to help build workforce capability. Although...

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  • Distinguishing Fad from Trend

    A learning professional must be able to separate fads from trends. The ability to distinguish between the two allows the...

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  • Three Core Values Driving Today’s Workforce

    With the ever-increasing speed of business, organizations must leverage technology and social tools to keep pace. While technology allows us...

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  • Ensuring Your Training Success on a Global Scale

    An immense amount of money is being invested into training employees and for good reason. No matter what industry you...

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  • UT Southwestern Medical Center: Connecting Learning Strategy and Individual Development to the Business Strategy

    Historically, the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center functioned solely as a university, with education and research at the forefront...

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  • Four Work Conversations New Managers Need to Master

    Fifteen years ago we opened up a Coaching Services division in our company. One of the models embraced and taught...

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  • Applying a Scientific Approach to Training

    Science has been the driving force behind human progress for the past 400 years. The scientific method has produced dramatic...

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  • Three Ways to Gain Leadership Support for Your Learning Efforts

    After many years of speaking at numerous learning conferences, participants still come up to us and ask, “How do I...

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  • What the Digital Skills Gap is Secretly Costing Your Organization and Employees

    The digital skills gap is real and has the potential to sink organizations that don’t catch it early amongst their...

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  • Planning, Developing and Implementing Serious Games

    Serious games and gamification are all the buzz in the training industry, but do we truly understand how they enhance...


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