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Training Industry Magazine connects learning and development professionals with the resources and solutions they need to manage the business of learning. The magazine publishes bi-monthly with new issues available in January, March, May, July, September and November.

Articles are assigned off an annual editorial calendar. Article proposals should be submitted by July for consideration on the following year’s calendar. 

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  • The Real Learning Curve, Experiential Learning, and L&D’s Responsibility

    After a golf lesson, my handicap dropped from 11 to 5. One piano lesson prepared me for the recital. I...

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  • Applying the Science of Experiential Learning

    Whenever we learn, our brain changes. One powerful way to change our brains is learning by doing, or experiential...

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  • Hungry for Hands-On Experience

    Experiential learning is the process of learning through experience. It’s been around since about 350 B.C. when Aristotle wrote in the Nicomachean...

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  • Making Common Sense, Common Practice

    It wasn't long ago that "learning" in the world of human development was almost exclusively defined by the ability of...

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  • Deliberate Practice is the Basis for Experiential Learning

    There are many tools and techniques at our disposal to enhance the learning experience. Each have their advantages, disadvantages and...

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  • Amplifying Knowledge Through Experience

    Experiential learning, or learning by doing, amplifies knowledge retention by putting the learner in the center of the action &ndash...

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  • Experiences Beyond the Classroom: Optimal Learning Experiences

    The Leadership Development Center (LDC) of the United States Coast Guard works to improve the leadership ability of all Coast...

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  • Why You Should Be Offering Training In Other Languages

    I know you’re probably thinking “My company is based in the United States, I don’t need to offer training in...

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  • Top Training Evaluation Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

    Susan was proud to teach the flagship leadership development program that had taken so much time and effort to build...

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  • “Learn-Think-Apply-Share”: Gnowbe Raises $1.7 Million for Learning Application Platform

    At this point, it’s well established that modalities like microlearning and social learning are here to stay. Research...


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