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  • IT Training
  • How Windows 7 Changes the IT Learning Landscape

    With less fanfare and celebration than with Vista, Microsoft released the Window 7 operating system in late October. This replaces the operating system that 90% of the world uses today...

  • IT Training
  • Cornerstones of IT Learning

    Tradition holds that when new construction takes place the first stone laid is the ceremonial “cornerstone”. It acts as much as a symbolic attribute of the structure as it does...

  • IT Training
  • Sizing the IT Training Market

    The demand for skilled engineers causes enterprises to invest in IT Training. While we hear a lot about the size of the overall IT marketplace, most of the attention is...

  • IT Training
  • Enterprise Architecting Cloud Computing to Prevent Stormy Weather

    Now, more than ever, the need for understanding and planning the support for business and mission services, computer automation and data and information management through the implementation of Enterprise Architecture...

  • IT Training
  • Introducing the IT Learning Blog

    The overall business of IT training is huge and moves fast. Any of us that have spent any time in the industry knows that. When it comes to educating the...

  • IT Training
  • Qualified Industry Veterans Are Ideal Fit at Dow Chemical

    Solid communication skills? Check. An MBA from a prestigious university? Check. A decade or more of relevant work experience? Check. Only IT candidates with an exhaustive resume, replete with exceptional...

  • IT Training
  • Enterprise Architecture: A Prescription for the Economic Downturn

    While today’s economy is a major concern for most organizations, many view it as a time to think strategically and analyze what needs to be done to ensure success for...

  • IT Training
  • Global Knowledge Changes Leadership

    Global Knowledge (GK), the world's leader in IT Training, has ousted their chief executive. Training Industry, Inc. works with a number of private equity firms and has heard speculation that...

  • IT Training
  • What's Terrible About Software Training

    A lighthearted look at how vendors seem to go out of their way to make learning to use their applications overcomplicated and...

  • IT Training
  • Education Is the Key to Secure Software

    In mid-January, security professionals were confronted with the biggest online worm since 2004. Referred to as "downadup" or "conficker," the bug spread to more than 1 million computers in less...


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