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  • Enterprise Architecture: A Prescription for the Economic Downturn

    Training Industry Content Item
    While today’s economy is a major concern for most organizations, many view it as a time to think strategically and analyze what needs to be done to ensure success for the longer term. Organizations are looking for disciplined approaches for...…
  • What's Terrible About Software TrainingExternal Link

    Training Industry Content Item
    A lighthearted look at how vendors seem to go out of their way to make learning to use their applications overcomplicated and...…
  • Education Is the Key to Secure SoftwareExternal Link

    Training Industry Content Item
    In mid-January, security professionals were confronted with the biggest online worm since 2004. Referred to as "downadup" or "conficker," the bug spread to more than 1 million computers in less than three weeks. And it is just the latest example...…
  • Cisco Announces Authorized CCIE Training ProgramExternal Link

    Training Industry Content Item
    Cisco has announced a major enhancement of the CCIE certification program, supported by the first authorized CCIE training program. The “Cisco 360 Learning Program” is a six month blended learning program with over 400 hours of...…
  • Formalized Knowledge Transfer and MentoringPDF Link

    Training Industry Content Item
    Formalized Knowledge Transfer and Mentoring: What, Why, How Does your company face a looming exodus of Boomers retiring? Is there concern that the organizational knowledge they took years to acquire will leave with them? Does your company need to attract...…
  • No We Didn't Lose 50,000 IT Jobs Last YearExternal Link

    Training Industry Content Item
    Despite all the hype and doomsday headlines, IT employment is actually increasing. Although not as strong as in recent months, IT jobs are expanding even in a difficult...…
  • Master of Integrated Networking

    Training Industry Content Item
    Can you picture a certification that was supported and backed by five major networking vendors??? Think of this: a program that addresses a void in the real world market in which all five major vendors co-exist. Nothing currently exists like...…

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