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  • Thwarting Misconduct By Item Pool Flooding

    Thwarting Misconduct By Item Pool Flooding
    What if the person securing your bank’s computer systems cheated on their certification exam in order to get their job? What would you think if you found out that the person managing your company’s confidential employee data cheated on their certification exam? Or, how would you feel if you found out that you were declined…
  • Enterprise Architecture: A Certified Solution for Business Savings

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    There’s no such thing as a simple business. No matter the industry, no matter the service or solution provided, no matter the organizational size, business is a complex system. In large part, it’s about the ability to communicate, to share, to collaborate, and by doing so, to advance the organization from Point A to Point…
  • Why Enterprise Architecture?

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    The concept of architecture can be looked at as a means to integrate solutions to a diverse range of complex needs and as a means to manage that complexity and making more intelligent management decisions in the short and long run. The benefits of taking a holistic, strategic architectural approach as opposed to applying point…
  • Are IT Certifications Really Important?

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    There has always been a debate about how important IT certifications really are. Some believe certifications prove that an IT professional is knowledgeable but may not prove how well they can actually do the job. However, certifications provide the knowledge needed to gain experience and validate skills to potential/current employers. And in the current economy,…
  • NetCom Information Technology Provides Training to Cisco's Top EngineersPDF Link

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    Cisco has been at the heart of many historic changes in technology. Now, at a time when the technology industry is going through a period of dramatic change, Cisco is becoming the leader in wireless and security. Wireless connectivity promotes unprecedented mobility and flexibility for information workers. Freed from needing to be hard‐wired to an IP cable, people…
  • NetCom Tailors IT Solution for Enterprise Cape Breton Corporation (ECBC)PDF Link

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    ECBC implements Microsoft Dynamics SL as its primary financial platform. Dynamics SL is a business management solution specialized to help organizations obtain reports and business analysis, while increasing efficiency, accuracy, and customer satisfaction.…
  • NetCom Helps LINAK U.S. Get On-Track for Inventory ManagementPDF Link

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    Beginning eleven years ago as a North and South American distributor for its parent company in Denmark, LINAK U.S. sells and manufactures linear activator systems for solar tracking. The company has over 300 employees at its Louisville, Kentucky headquarters, along with 21 sales offices in the U.S. and Canada, and four separate subsidiaries in South America and Mexico.…
  • Flexible Delivery and Quality Content Drive Training Usage at CeleroPDF Link

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    Celero Solutions was formed in 2003 to deliver reliable, innovative information technology services to prairie credit unions, its owner organizations, and other clients. The company provides comprehensive banking and technology solutions to financial institutions.…
  • Microsoft Official Distance Learning Goes Global: Reuters IT and Development Staff Applaud Online ApproachPDF Link

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    One-third of Reuters employees are IT professionals and are an important part of the company’s operations. IT training is strategic and developing the skills of their people is an important company initiative. Reuters spends significant amounts of money flying technology employees to education centers all over the globe. Reuters recently turned to Microsoft Official Distance…
  • Training Page Consolidates IT Training to Reduce Costs and Internal ProcessesPDF Link

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    Training Page Consolidates IT Training Reducing Costs and Internal Processes. With hundreds of technical support staff and contractors supporting countless technologies, Sempra Utilities (Sempra) required a single-source training provider capable of facilitating IT training across multiple technologies for public classroom enrollments, e-learning and on-site training events. Additionally, in 2007 Sempra was searching for a training…
  • Cisco Systems: Unsurpassed Productivity GainsPDF Link

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    Cisco relies on its channel for more than 92 percent of its annual revenue; therefore, the company takes the development of its ecosystem workforce very seriously. Cisco identified hands-on labs as an ideal means of delivering experiential learning quickly and efficiently. LiveLabs allow remote hands-on access to Cisco routers and switches enriched with real-world challenges.…

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