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  • 4 Ways Fantastic Leaders Recognize Their Employees

    When it comes to driving results within a company, the key is usually right in front of management. That key is their employee workforce. Your employees drive customer satisfaction and...

  • Leadership
  • Opportunity for Learning Leaders: Enhance Collaboration for Employee Engagement

    In the world of talent development, employee engagement is a high...

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  • Announces the 2016 Leadership Training Companies Watch List

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  • Top Ten Project Management Trends for 2016 Released

  • Leadership
  • The D Word: The Key to Successful Leadership

    What’s the most important thing you need to do as a leader? Cast vision? Build up a talented team? Keep your sales funnel...

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  • Announces the 2016 Top 20 Leadership Training Companies List

  • Leadership
  • 4 Ways to Engage Managers in E-Learning

    Managers play a crucial role in the professional well-being of an organization. On a daily basis, managers interact with frontline employees who are last to touch your product before it...

  • Leadership
  • 3 Ways to Succeed When Giving a Lecture

    Those of us in learning and development hardly ever use the term “lecture.” It’s a pariah, equated with boredom, dull delivery and death by...

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  • LMW Launches a New Digital Platform Designed to Encourage Professional Self-Development for Business Managers and Leaders

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  • Infographic: Build a Culture of Leadership With the Power to Influence

    Everyone wants to build a culture of leadership. Knowing the ins and outs of influence can make the difference between a training program's success or...

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