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  • Setting the Context

    When the doors open in the London subway, a disembodied voice warns you to “Mind the gap!” It’s a practical reminder not to step into the space between the train...

  • Leadership
  • Developing and Measuring Training the Agile Way: The Training (Part 2)

    Dwight D. Eisenhower is credited as stating that "Plans are nothing; planning is everything" in response to how the plans for the D-Day invasion were made useless as a result...

  • Leadership
  • Who’s the Boss? Women, Business and Leadership

    You’ve all heard about – perhaps even talked about – the issue of women’s roles in the leadership ranks and business. The conversation continues, though it’s happily evolved from the...

  • Leadership
  • Developing and Measuring Training the Agile Way: The Training (Part 1)

    Having made the case for the change to Agile, communicating when the change would take place and how it might affect both the organization and the individuals, the next step...

  • Leadership
  • Is Your Customer Satisfaction Standard Outdated?

    Most organizations that measure their customer satisfaction still do so by a 0-100 point scale. However, recent changes in known customer loyalty for products/services appear to indicate that this metric...

  • Leadership
  • What You Gain with a Future-Focused Brain

    Do you want to keep growing, keeping your life meaningful, interesting and fun? Is part of your job as a leader or coach to help others see their careers flow...

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  • Korn/Ferry Acquires Global Novations, LLC

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  • New research reveals differences in traits necessary for exec-level advancement

  • Leadership
  • The Seven Levers of Change: A Success Story

    My March blog post introduced the Seven Levers of Change. Used together, these levers engage employees and help them recognize the potential of a change initiative. The levers deal with...

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  • TI Exclusive

    How to Solve the Wrong Problem: A Step-By-Step Guide for Leaders

    During the implementation of a team process at a large electronics firm, one team was having trouble with a team member who refused to attend team meetings. A number of...

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