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  • Attention Span and Performance Improvement

    Few training professionals would be willing to make the following argument: "Knowledge acquisition is not a major component of performance improvement." The truth is, if employees don't learn (or acquire...

  • Leadership
  • Rules or Tools?

    In a post last March, I introduced the Seven Levers of Change. The levers describe actions that leaders can to use to shape an environment that fosters change. They include...

  • Leadership
  • If You Can Measure It, You Can Change It … But Who’s Willing?

    A friend and colleague have rightly noted more than once, “If you can measure it, you can change it.” Make no mistake, I agree whole-heartedly. Also make no mistake, not...

  • Leadership
  • TI Exclusive

    If You Want It Done Right, Do It Yourself

    Why not? You’ve had the experience. You’ve made the mistakes and learned from them. Why not prevent others from making the same mistakes? Why run the risk that an inexperienced...

  • Leadership
  • TI Exclusive

    Women Use Coaching for Upward Mobility

    According to a 2012 report produced by McKinsey & Company ("Unlocking the Full Potential of Women at Work," Barsh and Yee), the business case for developing women leaders continues to...

  • Leadership
  • Why Instructional Theory Must be Married to New Technology

    There is no shortage of optimism among learning professionals about the positive impact that today's new technologies are having on the learning and development profession. Chris Pirie, chairman of the...

  • Leadership
  • Leading Into the Unknown

    Leading organizations through change has become the norm and the concept of steady state for any organization is no longer a meaningful aspiration. That in itself has posed a leadership challenge, which has...

  • Leadership
  • Did You Mean to Kill that Idea?

    My partner, Karl, was telling me about how the new guy at work is finally settling in to his surroundings. He used to own a business, so he came into...

  • Leadership
  • Knowing versus Doing: What Your People Want

    A friend of mine is fond of saying, “What is less important is your understanding of the practice of leadership. What matters most is practicing that understanding of leadership.” Your...

  • Leadership
  • Leveraging Mentoring & Coaching to Sustain Your Training

    Training is highly effective at filling employee knowledge gaps and obtaining new skillsets relevant to a particular job. But without reinforcement, training may prove ineffective and a drain on corporate...

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