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  • 4 Tips for Defining Your Business and Life

    I just returned from my second trip to China. This time, I taught business owners the art of emotional engagement when speaking. The biggest problem I had was getting the...

  • Leadership
  • Commitment and Alignment (Not Just Compliance)

    There is anecdote about President Harry Truman envisioning his soon-to-be successor, General Dwight Eisenhower (known as Ike). Truman is said to have quipped, “He’ll sit here and say, ‘Do this!...

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  • First-of-its-Kind Assessment Tool Helps Leaders Integrate Work and Personal Lives

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  • Feedback: What Most Managers Are Bad at Doing

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  • A Tip for Employers: Improve Communication about Health Benefits for Lasting Bottom-Line Results

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  • The ‘Character Crisis’ Is Bigger And Closer Than You Think!

    While so many individuals, organizations, and areas continue to cope with the damaging impact of the world-wide "Financial Crisis," in the past few weeks, events have also re-focused our attention...

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  • Linkage to Honor Wal-Mart with Women's Leadership Empowerment Award

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  • Leadership 2.0 and the Constructive Covenant

    In his 1993 book “The Winner Within,” hall of fame basketball coach Pat Riley contributes an entire chapter to what he called the “constructive covenant” or the promise that every...

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  • PDI Ninth House Study Reveals Leadership Gap in Growing and Developing Talent

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  • TI Exclusive

    Courageous Leadership—Dare to Take Control

    Roman philosopher, Seneca, wrote “Sometimes even to live is an act of courage.” Going to work is a high-pressure business! Between the state of economic challenges, your personal issues and...

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