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  • Leadership
  • From Vicious to Virtuous Cycles

    Most of us have read the statistic that 50 to 85 percent of change initiatives fail. It is often said initiatives fail because people resist change. Blaming resistance just might be...

  • Leadership
  • The Seven Roles of a Trainer in the 21st Century

    It is clear that the 21st century classroom needs are very different from the 20th century ones. In the 21st century classroom, trainers are facilitators of participant learning and creators...

  • Leadership
  • Coaching Leaders—A Mini Toolkit for Business Coaches

    As a coach of leaders and executives, your chief responsibility is to help your coachees bring out their best effort. As a great coach, you also need to care about the...

  • Leadership
  • Conquering Big Data Survey

    For its 2013 study of analytics needs in the workforce, American Management Association (AMA) and i4cp fielded a survey that garnered responses from 789 businesspeople representing a variety of industries...

  • Leadership
  • Constructive Rabble Rousing

    Project-based learning (PBL) is an approach to K-12 education designed to engage students through solving real-world problems. For example, rather than learning botany, geology, and horticulture in the abstract, students...

  • Leadership
  • The Seven Rules of Transition Management

    In retrospect, I think I've gone through three phases in working with organizations in transition. In the beginning, I thought that transition was a pretty simple business. Organizations only made...

  • Leadership
  • Finding The Energy To Lead

    Happiness releases passion, and passion creates energy. Leadership is a contact sport. Leadership is personal. Leadership is full time and full service. It takes energy, and ‘happiness’ (perceived abundance and...

  • Leadership
  • Global Leadership Development: Everybody's Game

    The Fourth Annual Study of Challenges and Opportunities - 2013 The 2013 study represents the latest iteration of one of the most comprehensive annual reviews of global leadership development programs in...

  • Leadership
  • TI Exclusive

    Organizational Culture Lessons From The Boston Red Sox

    The Boston Red Sox thought bringing in a confident and successful manager to restore order to its clubhouse that was in disarray, would help it reach the goal of winning...

  • Leadership
  • Bringing Out the Best

    While conducting webinars and live presentations based upon my book, “Bring Out the Best in Every Employee”, a distinct pattern of topics has begun to emerge in the questions I...

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