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  • Beyond Engagement: The Involved Employee

    AN OLD JOKE GOES, “When it comes to a breakfast of bacon and eggs, the chicken is engaged; but the pig is involved!” Beneath this witticism lies a deeper truth: when we need the...

  • Leadership
  • What Do Your People Want You to Know About Leading Them in the New Normal?

    We’re all now painfully aware of the phrase, “new normal.” You hear it everywhere: ABC News, Fox, NPR, even The McKinsey Quarterly. The details involve dropping wages, job scarcity, reduction...

  • Leadership
  • TI Exclusive

    How Much of Your Brain Do You Lead With?

    Brain scientists have determined that the brain has four functional quadrants that play different roles in our personality. While we are meant to use all four quadrants and develop communication...

  • Leadership
  • The #1 Rule for Effective Leadership

    Beyond the Golden and Platinum Rules, in our crazy busy world the one rule everyone should follow above all is, “Don’t be a...

  • Leadership
  • To Scrum or Not to Scrum: Thoughts on a Different Approach to Instructional Design

    Close your eyes for a second and visualize a relay race. The runners get set in their starting blocks. The gun goes off. The contestants begin running, batons in hand,...

  • Leadership
  • 7 Lies Leaders Love to Tell

    In my 30 years of teaching leadership, the excuses given for doing the wrong thing rarely change. The ingredients for good leadership shift over time. Yet the reasons leaders give...

  • Leadership
  • Clouds Above, Fog Below

    When an organizational change initiative requires new technology, it is easy to focus on the technology at the expense of supporting the employees who will actually be using it. Fairly...

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  • TI Exclusive

    Positive Reinforcement in the Workplace

    One of the best ways to motivate a team and produce phenomenal results in the workplace is by using positive reinforcement. When positive reinforcement is used, you focus less on...

  • Leadership
  • TI Exclusive

    Corporate Universities: Aligning Learning to the Business

    When learning and development (L&D) gets a seat at the table, it has the opportunity to be at the forefront of change. Developing a Corporate University that aligns learning to...

  • Leadership
  • Playing Your Position: Hurricane Sandy and the Real Reason Training Doesn’t Have a Seat at the Table

    It’s almost impossible to attend a training conference, read a training magazine, participate in a training-based discussion thread, or even have a lunchtime meeting with a training professional without the...

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