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  • Leadership
  • Guitars, Employee Engagement, and Passionate Work

    I’m learning to play the guitar. I don’t really have a so-called bucket list, but I do have a few things I’d like to accomplish over the next few years...

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  • Aegis Global Taps Cornell for Worldwide Management Training

  • Leadership
  • Our Problem Is ... That Most Managers And Leaders Are NOT Effective!

    People way too often assume that they and other managers and leaders are a lot more effective than they really are. If they are, then why do we continue to...

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  • Inforum Center for Leadership Receives $700,000 Grant From MEDC 21st Century Jobs Fund

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  • Cal U Named World's First Franklin Covey Leadership University

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  • New Leadership Training Approach Links Key Leadership Behaviors to Business Success

  • Leadership
  • Leveraging Insights from Systems Thinking

    A colleague expressed surprise when I lamented that managers often ignore the long-term consequences of their decisions. Her response was that most decisions are made in the face of immediate...

  • Leadership
  • The Difference Between an Inspiring and Boring Goal

    Do you know if the words you choose inspire people or cause their momentum to lose steam quickly? Whether you are trying to make a change in an organization or in...

  • Leadership
  • Winning Leaders & Managers (vs. the “Rest”)!

    Unfortunately, most Leaders & Managers in business (private or publicly-held) and government are not Winning Leaders & Managers! On the surface this may sound like a brash overgeneralization. However,

  • Leadership
  • The Need for a Training Digital Nervous System

    In his bestselling book “Business at the Speed of Thought,” Bill Gates introduced the concept of the Digital Nervous System (DNS). He described this phenomena as a “process that links...

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