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AchieveForum Launches Digital Learning Solutions to Strengthen Mid-Level Leaders

November 3, 2016 - Boston, MA - AchieveForum, a global leader in linking leadership to strategic business objectives, today released four new digital learning solutions designed to help mid-level leaders strengthen the tie between their people and the overall strategy of their business.

Developing leaders at every level is a key to the long-term success of an organization. A recent study by Brandon Hall found that 71 percent of organizations surveyed said their leaders are not ready to lead their organization into the future. In addition, nearly half said their current leaders do not possess the skills needed to effectively lead their organizations today. Leadership solutions from AchieveForum are based on research and client insights, created with purpose, and specifically designed to help organizations solve their most pressing business initiatives by strengthening the skill level of their leaders.

AchieveForum's new digital solutions for mid-level leaders were built with the modern learner in mind. They are based on technology and designed to enhance the skills gap of mid-level leaders, whose development is critical for getting the most out of their workforce.

"We know that mid-level leaders play an important role in determining the long-term success of an organization because of their day-to-day, hands-on interactions with their teams that help drive strategic initiatives," said Russ Becker, chief executive officer of AchieveForum. "That's why we designed these new digital solutions so mid-level leaders can build stronger relationships with the people they manage and align what they do to the overall strategy of their company in order to have a greater impact on the business."

The new solutions are:

  • Developing Your Leadership Presence: Enables learners to develop an authentic leadership presence that improves how they influence and connect with others.
  • Leading in Context: Through the use of videos, conversations and real-life practice situations, helps leaders learn and apply skills for using a variety of leadership styles to best fit the situation.
  • Connecting People to Strategy: Provides leaders with the necessary skills to bridge strategy with the operations of their business.
  • Building Commitment to Result: Enables leaders to achieve business results by creating a work climate that supports superior performance.

The new solutions are built on AchieveForum's robust digital platform, which provides real-time access to the resources and tools leaders need to improve performance, both individually and for the company as a whole. Content is delivered through the digital platform to learners precisely when and where they need it most. The platform also includes tools to measure performance improvement at every level of the organization.

AchieveForum based these new solutions on research that is backed by more than 45 years of expertise in the leadership development industry. As a result, AchieveForum is able to deliver leadership impact by design—built with purpose, refined through discovery and driven by innovation. The company's solutions are tailored to meet the customer's most pressing needs in order to create deep, meaningful and lasting change within the organization. Every solution is supported by assessment and measurement capabilities, along with the latest technology to drive enhanced performance and improved business outcomes.

In addition to the four new solutions aimed at mid-level leaders, AchieveForum recently unveiled four digitally based solutions to help leaders improve collaboration and performance management skills.  

Founded in 1971, AchieveForum delivers effective solutions that enable businesses to develop leadership strategies at each level, from individual contributors to emerging leaders to front-line managers to mid-level to the C-Suite.

About AchieveForum 
AchieveForum delivers leadership solutions that are designed for the customer and are built on more than 45 years of global experience. Our tailored learning solutions are created with purpose and driven by innovation to help organizations effectively develop leaders to execute on their business strategies. We provide clients with practical and research-based solutions that mobilize employees, accelerate business initiative implementation and improve agility. For more information, go to

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